How To Turn On FPS In Minecraft and Watch In Real Time 2024

Would you want to display FPS in Minecraft on Windows 10? Regular FPS monitoring can tell you if there’s something out of place. Minecraft is one of the popular games on Steam and Windows PC. It has retro-style graphics which consume a large number of computer resources due to which the frame rate (FPS) may drop affecting the quality and gameplay of Minecraft.

FPS enhances the visual experience by making it fast and smooth. Ideally, you must have 60 FPS or more while playing Minecraft for a good gaming experience so if your FPS drops as it is a prevalent issue these days then you need to do something to manage it.

Here in this article, we have explained methods to show FPS in Minecraft on Windows 10 and using Optifine.

How To Turn on FPS Counter in Minecraft

Follow the below-mentioned fixes and start checking in-game FPS

Fix 1: See FPS in Minecraft by Pressing F3 Shortcuts

It is one of the easiest and simplest ways to show FPS in Minecraft without installing any third-party app or without following a hectic lengthy procedure.

Simply press F3 while playing the game on which you will be shown lengthy technical information that might confuse you at first but at the top left corner you will see your FPS. If that doesn’t work, you need to click on the FN button first, and while holding it, press F3

Fix 2: Game Settings in Windows 10

You can check FPS in Minecraft on Windows 10 without any third-party software if you have the Xbox Game Bar app enabled. Here is how you can do this.

  • Go to the Windows Settings and select Gaming
Open Windows 10 Settings
  • Turn on the Xbox Game Bar option.
Turn on Xbox Game Bar on Window 10
  • Reboot your system and launch Minecraft
  • Open the Xbox Game Bar. You will see FPS under the performance tab, the fifth one in the list. You can also pin the performance tab to easily view it next time. 
Check FPS in Minercraft on Windows 10

Fix 3: Using Optifine

  • Go to the OptiFine Download and download and install it. 
Download Optifine to show FPS in Minecraft
  • Launch Minecraft and click on Options
Easily See FPS in Minrcraft
  • Go to the Video Settings
  • Then select the Other Settings option
  • Turn On the Show FPS option. Make sure to select maximum FPS. 

Fix 4. Show FPS In Minecraft Using FRAPS

If you are running Minecraft Java, PE, Bedrock, or Windows 10 edition and you want this game to show fps without F3 or Optifine then this fix will work for you.

There are many FPS counters for Windows 11 and Fraps is one of them. Fraps is a great tool with amazing features, such as screen capturing. This tool can show you FPS within any game and you can also turn it on and off point to point.

Here is how you can install Fraps:

  • Download Fraps and start the installation process.
  • When you launch the app, you will be able to click on the option that starts the FPS overlay
  • There is a section called “99FPS.” It is mainly used for benchmarking purposes. When you use it, you can choose the points where the overlay starts and where it finishes
  • Furthermore, you have access to some other features that might help you out. For example, there is an option for assigning hotkeys that allow you to turn the FPS feature whenever you want
  • When you set everything up, you can minimize the screen and start Minecraft

Fix 5. Turn On FPS With NVIDIA Geforce Experience

Nvidia GeForce Experience is another tool that helps you display the FPS counter in Minecraft. You can use this tool while running any Minecraft version.

Here’s how to turn on FPS counter with Nvidia GeForce Experience:

  • Download the Nvidia GeForce Experience tool
  • Begin the installation process. When it’s done, you should either log in to an existing account or create a new one
  • When the tool is up and running, you should start Minecraft. While in the game, press Alt+Z to start the tool
  • You will notice a gear icon that takes you to settings. Once there, click on In-Game Overlay to activate FPS. You will also have to choose a HUD layout before you can start it. Put the counter wherever you want.

How Can I Boost Your FPS in Minecraft?

After checking the FPS in Minecraft you have concluded that something is not right. Even high-end PC users can face this situation so you need to minimize the game resolution, reduce graphics, and turn off all unnecessary apps.