How To Surrender in Valorant Without F5 & Commands 2024

If you’re playing Valorant and are experiencing one of those games where you just want to end it all, whether it’s due to the high ping or the opposing bad players. Other times, you’re trapped with a lousy team, whether it’s because of their incompetence, toxic nature, or technical problems on their end.

Additionally, there can be other obstacles, such as an important task popping up in your private life while you are playing Valorant. Thankfully, Valorant provides you with the choice to quit and finish the game right away. In addition to explaining how to surrender in Valorant, this post will also cover when you should and shouldn’t do it.

How to Surrender in Valorant

To surrender in Valorant, you must first enable the surrender vote to be cast. Please be aware that this vote cannot be cast before the 8th round. The surrender vote can be initiated in one of two ways.

The first is to hit ESC and select Surrender from the player list’s bottom-right menu.

Commands To Surrender in Valorant without F5

The following surrender commands can be used in the chat box by pressing Enter to open it and using the second method:

  • /ff
  • /concede
  • /surrender

The surrender vote will appear in the lower-left corner of your screen and the screens of your teammates once you’ve initiated it. You’ll be given the chance to choose between pressing F5 to say “yes” or F6 to say “no.” At least 80 percent (e.g., 4 out of 5) of your teammates must hit F5 (yes) for you to successfully surrender, in an unrated match.

The vote to surrender will fail even if less than half or most of the players reject it; then the game will go normally.

In a ranked match, the whole team must agree to declare the game over. It is best to inform your teammates that you want to give up before giving the order if you are solo queuing and wish to exit an unwinnable game.

How Does the Surrender System Work in Valorant?

It’s important to keep in mind that players can only surrender once in each half of the game. This indicates that there are just two windows of opportunity for them to give up.

If they initiate the surrender vote in the first half and it is unsuccessful or fails, then they must wait until the second half, which begins in round 13, to initiate the vote again.

So that the vote doesn’t go to waste, they should always have their team on board before initiating it.

Is there a Penalty to Surrender in Valorant?

As predicted, giving up in Valorant gives the opposing team victory right away, and your team is deemed to have lost the game. You would see a significant reduction in your MMR (Match Making Rating) if you gave up during a competitive match.

It is believed that giving up in Valorant will lower your MMR more than if you had continued to play through the entire match and lost on your own.

So, if your rank in Valorant is important to you, you shouldn’t use the surrender option carelessly. Use it only if it is necessary during matches.

However, if the game is going poorly but your teammates are giving it their hardest, you shouldn’t lose heart and surrender, especially if you and your team are concerned with your MMR.

Is it Better to Surrender in Valorant?

It depends on the match. If you are playing a Ranked Match then continuing the match is a good option than surrendering. It is because you will lose much more MMR in case you surrender.