How To Fix Hulu Error Code P-dev318?

If you are a Hulu user and have encountered the frustrating error code P-DEV318 while streaming content on your device, you are not alone. This error can prevent you from enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows on Hulu, leaving you wondering how to fix it.

Fortunately, we have put together a comprehensive troubleshooting guide to help you resolve the Hulu Error Code P-DEV318 and get back to streaming your desired content.

In this article, we’ll cover the causes of the error and provide step-by-step instructions on how to fix it on your streaming device.

What Does Hulu Error Code P-dev318 Mean?

The p-dev318 Hulu error code indicates a connection error. The source of the problem could be on the user end such as slow internet or the Hulu server is down or under maintenance. Fortunately, Hulu support provided a few potential workarounds to try to resolve this playback-related problem.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-dev318?

Here are some ways to fix Hulu Error Code P-dev318 are mentioned. Follow them to get rid of this error and enjoy Hulu streaming without any interruption.

1. Initial Troubleshooting Steps

  • Visit Hulu Twitter to check if the server is down, if there are no known issues, then carry out the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps.
  • The Hulu app should be entirely closed and restarted to resolve any connectivity or playback-related errors. Be sure you completely close the app. Close any background-running applications or processes then reopen the Hulu app if needed.
  • It’s also a good idea to restart your streaming devices. Usually, rebooting your device will fix any issues preventing internet streaming.
  • Restart both the networking equipment and your streaming device. Turn the streaming device off entirely to do this. Remove the power cord. Plug the cord back in after waiting for at least five minutes. Lastly, turn on the device. Do the same procedures to your Wi-Fi router as well. Once everything is done, try playing Hulu content to look for any problems.
  • Sometimes internet connectivity can cause several errors. Play other online content from any subscription service or YouTube to test your internet connection (if possible). This will confirm that your internet speed is satisfactory and that the connection is strong enough. But, if you notice that there is a problem with your internet access or speed, be sure to get in touch with your Internet Service Provider about it and request that they resolve the issue.
  • Use a different device if possible. Android TV, Android devices, Apple TV, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Nintendo Switch, iPhone and iPad, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Chromecast are all compatible with Hulu.

2. Sign in to Hulu Again

To reset it when you are already logged in, just sign out and sign back into the Hulu app. The instructions below should work for your specific device, so give them a try.

For a PC – visit the website to log out of your account. At the top right corner of the page, tap over your name. Choose the logout button.
To log in again, click Log In. Enter your details, then go on.

For Android or iOS devices – Launch the Hulu app, then hit the Account symbol on the home screen’s global navigation bar. The bottom of the screen contains a Logout Hulu button. You can log into your Hulu account by providing your email address and password. Choose your profile, then enjoy yourself.

For TV-connected gadgets – On the global menu bar, click the Account symbol. Please click Logout after scrolling down. If you are prompted to confirm, choose Hulu logout. Open the Hulu app. To sign in, enter your information. Choose your profile from the list to begin free streaming on Hulu Error Code P-dev318.

3. Check for the Hulu App Updates

Try checking for Hulu app updates if nothing else works for you. Check the App Store on your device for the upcoming app update. If an update is available, make sure to apply it before restarting your device to modify the consequences. You should also use the Settings menu on your device to check for system updates in the meantime. Depending on the manufacturer of your device, the processes for checking for updates may change.

You can also try clearing the Hulu cache to resolve the error code p-dev318.

4. Reset Your Password

Changing your Hulu account password simply from the internet may also be able to resolve the problem with the Hulu account management system. For that:

  • Log into your profile at your Hulu account page.
  • Choose Change Password from the Account section.
  • For the verification procedure, enter your current password.
  • Finally, enter your new, secure password twice to confirm that it matches.
  • After finishing, activate it by checking the box next to Log me out of other devices. (By doing this, you can be sure you’ve logged out on all of your devices.)
  • Click Save changes now.
  • Next, use the newly established password to get back into your account.
  • You’ve finished.

5. Reinstall Hulu After Uninstalling

If none of the techniques above worked for you, be sure to delete and reinstall the Hulu app on your specific device. Multiple app cache issues or system delays can occasionally be resolved quickly by reinstalling the app or software. For this:

  • Delete the Hulu app from your device by simply uninstalling it.
  • After that, fully restart your device.
  • Install the Hulu app once more, then log in with your current account.

6. Contact Hulu Support

If none of the methods worked for you then, your final option for resolving the P-dev318 Hulu error code is to talk online with the Hulu support team. Further troubleshooting might be assisted by the Hulu support staff.