Maintaining ideal GPU temp while gaming is a dream of every user who either love to overclock PC or use GPU for mining. That’s why many users asks is my GPU temperature safe? If you are also one of them who asks What is a good GPU temp or Is it bad to run your GPU at 100? Then!

You must remain attentive about horrors that high GPU temp can cause to your PC. For example, if you hear Whiiiiiiiiiirrrr!! sound from GPU fan while playing games or during mining. Then it’s a definite sign of GPU overheating.

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In this article you will learn how to chech GPU temp while gaming or mining on Windows PC? You will also know what is the good GPU temp range which will help you attain ideal GPU temp. Lastly, you will know what are the best GPU temperature monitor and tips to lower GPU temp.

But first……..!

What is GPU?

GPU temp

GPU means graphics processing unit. It’s another computer hardware which make computer’s work instantly. GPU is specialized to design and rapidly manipulate, alter memory and then creates images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display device.

Mobile phones, personal computers, workstations, and game consoles are the one in which GPUs are used.

Heavy duty GPU placed inside computer to play high FPS games are prone to overheat that’s why we must regularly check video card temperature with best video card temperature monitor.

What GPU Temperature Should my PC Parts Have While Gaming?

Each graphics card manufacturer has designed their product to run within a specific GPU temperature range.

As compare to old models the ideal GPU temp range in modern models is significantly lower. Keep in mind that modern GPUs can handle high temperature.

Now we also know the approximate recommended good GPU temperature range of many of the most popular processors and graphics cards.

Ideal GPU Temperature While Gaming

GPU Temp

Note: Some sites uses normal, ideal, good, best, optimat words to explain GPU temp range. All these expression are same. 

Now, if you asks what is a good GPU temp for gaming? It’s difficult to give clear cut answer because the good temperature of GPU depends on what graphics card you have in your PC for gaming purpose.

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AMD and Nvidia graphics cards have different value of ideal GPU temperature ranges. So, before you check GPU temp make sure you have searched good GPU temps range from their official sites.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your GPU temps below 85 degrees Celsius. But the average GPU temp for gaming should be around 65 degree Celsius to 75 degree Celsius.

Some expert also holds a view that GPUtemp around 90 degree Celsius is normal GPU temp. But it is better if you can keep it under 90 degree.

Although graphics card manufacturer claims that GPU max temp at 105 C is not dangerous. But that’s not a good temperature for GPU. Because in this case soldering inside melt which quickly decreases life span of GPU.

Now that’s a whole story about how hot should a GPU run at.

How Hot Should My GPU Be Depending upon FPS Rate?

The graphics card temperature also varies depending upon resolution of games.

If you play medium resolution games than GPU temp should not exceed 60-65C. In case High resolution, it should not exceed 65-70C.

These are the normal GPU temperature if you play game for 4-5 hour. But this temp range decreases more if you live in a cold country. Here it should remain around 53-60C.

What’s The Safe GPU Temp While Mining

These days GPU’s are also used in cryptocurrency mining although GPU is a consumer product and are only built to play games or watch movies. Hence GPU’s are not built for bitcoin mining or something like that.

This use of graphics card in coin mining is also raising serious problems of high GPU temp. With the advance technology mining 24 x 7 using GPU does not damage it. But it becomes dangerous only when you keep mining at high GPU temp..

Simple Chart For GPU Mining Temperatures

In order to explain safe GPU temp while mining we have provided a general estimate. You cannot find below normal GPU temp range while mining just by googling on internet.

  • 0°C – 29°C: Looks like you need to turn on your computer first!
  • 30°C – 49°C:  No major tasks can be performed at this temp except playing Mine Craft. Are you sure your GPU is mining?
  • 50°C – 59°C:  It’s the idle GPU temp. Are you sure it is not under clocked?
  • 60°C – 69°C: This is the GPU temp where you can get acceptable hashrate. Energy optimized.
  • 70°C – 75°C: This is the optimal GPU temp either you are playing high graphics gaming or intensive GPU mining is going on. It’s good GPU temp to heat your room as well if you are living in cold place.
  • 75°C – 79°C: This GPU temp range is still acceptable. However your GPU is not going to produce any better mining results. So, be on safer side, back off a little bit.
  • 80°C – 89°C: This is extreme GPU temp limit. At this temperature range, your GPU might seem like it’s doing fine but you are definitely damaging your hardware.
  • 90°C – 99°C: You are seriously damaging your GPU. Before you burn those plastics turn off your miner and inspect what’s going on with your GPU.
  • 100°C – 109°C: It’s dangerous at this GPU temp range. You are really breaking your costly GPU. If you are lucky you might use your GPU for another 6 months.
  • 110°C+: There’s no hope for your GPU anymore. For a mining GPU this temperature limit is like end of the world.

Optimal GPU Temperature Range of NVIDIA and AMD Grapahics Cards

Below is provided a table of Navidia and AMD graphics cards models along with maximum and Normal GPU temperature are explained. The GPU temp ranges below are obtained from different forum through discussion.

NVIDIA Maximum/Normal GPU temperature While Playing Game

Maximum GPU Temperature of AMD Graphics Cards

Note: These normal GPU temp ranges are gathered from various tech forums. So these readings should not be considered as hard and fast rule. Depending upon other circumstances the GPU temperature might varies.

If someone have different range of ideal GPU temp then please share with us in our comment box.

How To Check GPU Temp?

Once you know the ideal GPU temperature ranges it helps you in several ways like you can monitor GPU temp more efficaciously.

Unlike CPU, you cannot check GPU temp by accessing BIOS setting. There is also no built in GPU temperature monitor in Windows 10 & 7 for that purpose. So, what you need to do?

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You can download GPU temp monitor from trusted site to check GPU temp. Most GPU temp monitors are free software and easy to install as well.

These GPU heat monitors doesn’t take much space on your hard disk. Also doesn’t cause errors in operating system.

But if you have AMD or Nvidia GPU then they have also developed their own GPU monitoring software. While talking about NVIDIA temperature monitor they have developed NVIDA control panel.

GPU temp monitor

For example, AMD temperature monitor known as AMD control center is available on their site.

Most of the time when you purchase new GPU these temp monitors software are pre installed in them. But if these core temp gadget are missing then you can download them from ADM or Nvidia sites.

These AMD and NVIDIA GPU temp monitors also help you maintain acceptable GPU temp and prevent GPU overheating.

On the other hand, there are other third party GPU monitors for Windows 10 & 7 to check GPU temp. Like, MSI Afterburner, CPU-Z or Asus GPU Tweak serves same purpose. They are free small in size and accurate in result.

GPU Temp

How To Lower GPU Temp?

Now there are some suggestion for those whose GPU Temperature remains high. These tips can help you increase the lifespan of your GPU and help you increase mining hashrate.

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Don’t overclock your GPU too much

It is true that GPU overclocking does gives you better hashrates but at the same time this technique put more stress on your GPU. This stress cause increase in GPU temp which resultantly decrease the capacity of GPU mining.

So if your GPU is giving you ideal hashrate then don’t overclock it. Besides graphic cards these days are good at producing better hasresults while consuming less power and generating less GPU heat.

Always Monitor your GPU temp While Mining

The miner program for GPU mining display power which  the graphic cards are consuming. Along with this feature these programs you can also check GPU temp. But as a precautionary measure you should have MSI Afterburner, VRAM or CPUID GPU-Z to monitor GPU temperature.

Regularly Clean your Mining Rigs

As compare to PC cases, the mining rigs are open all the time. This is because more fresh air is require while GPU mining. This mining rigs shape increase the chances of dust build up. Too much dust can also crash your mining GPU. So, clean your PC and mining rigs at least once in a month.

Other common causes of high GPU temp are as under. So avoid them and get healthy GPU.

  • Clean your PC properly regularly.
  • Use a better thermal interface material. (apply thermal paste)
  • Increase fan speed to push more air through the heat sink.
  • Get a better cooler.
  • Install more external PC fans.
  • Poor room temperature.

After explaining the optimal GPU temperatures for mining and normal GPU temperature for  gaming. We hope that this post has cleared your mind on how to get ideal mining temperatures for GPU.

Make this habit to keep your graphic cards temperature cooler. If you found this post helpful then please do share it. If you would like to add some extra tips to other users regarding GPU temp then please make your comment.

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