Instagram Stories Glitch 2024: How Do I Stop Repeated Stories

Instagram Stories Glitch is not a new thing. Recently several users have reported that Instagram stories keep repeating. So whenever users want to see the most recent story they have to repeatedly scroll through the same old stories all day long.

Some users sarcastically comment “Instagram stories make me watch the same stories 100 times.” While other users are looking for a way to stop Instagram’s repeated story problem.

Even though many users have at least once encountered this issue Instagram has never bothered to provide an official solution or update.

But don’t worry we have provided you with some proven solutions to fix this Instagram story’s repeating glitch.

Ensure That Instagram’s Servers Are Not Down

If you are experiencing this problem, Instagram is probably going through server maintenance. You may thus try asking your friends if they are having the same issue and you can also check Instagram’s official Twitter account for any recent news.

How to Stop Instagram Stories Keep Repeating Issues?

After restarting the app and ensuring the Instagram server, try these fixes to resolve your Instagram stories glitch.

1. Internet Connection

Checking your internet connection should be your first step if Instagram Stories keep repeating. In some cases, the WiFi signal is weak or the cellphone signal drops causing issues.

As this app is internet-dependent most problems on Instagram are internet-related concerns. You could try restarting your router or asking your ISP for assistance with this matter.

Slow internet causes the Instagram app to not remember where users left off in their friends’ Stories, requiring them to start again each time they post new content.

2. Update the Instagram App

Every month or so, Instagram receives updates from its developers with improved functionality and bug fixes. If your Instagram suddenly begins functioning strangely, you probably need to update it.

When you do that, the problems usually disappear. It could be comparable to Instagram’s issue with repeated Stories. Update the Instagram app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

3. Clear Instagram App Cache

App issues are typically resolved by clearing the cache for the app.
Erase the Instagram app’s cache to fix problems.

Android users may clear the Instagram app’s cache by:

  • Search for the Instagram app in Settings>Apps & notifications, then click it. Press clear cache once. The Instagram app’s cache will be cleared.

For iPhone users:

  • On your iPhone, tap Settings. General Access> Locate and pick the Instagram application. Next, choose iPhone Storage. Click or press the Offload App button. Instagram should be reinstalled once again.

Check to see if Instagram stories are still repeating after emptying the cache.

4. Reinstall the Instagram App

The “repeating Instagram stories” problem can be resolved by reinstalling the Instagram app. To address issues, the Instagram app may need to be removed and then reinstalled.

To verify if Instagram stories are still repeating, delete the app from your phone, then reinstall it.

5. Install the Old Version of the Instagram App

To fix the Instagram stories repeating issue, you may reinstall the older version of the Instagram app. Sometimes there are bugs in the most recent version. Install the earlier version until the earlier version has been repaired for the problem. To do so:

Visit Uptodown to view the app’s version history. It contains every file version for that software that is accessible for download on Uptodown. Download Instagram for Android rollbacks. Every Instagram version offered on Uptodown is entirely virus-free and cost-free to download.

This solution is only available to Android users.