How To Fix iRobot Roomba Error Codes 40 & All Other Errors In Seconds

A complete guide to fix Roomba vacuum errors.

Roomba robot vacuums are useful and efficient in cleaning the house like a cleaning fairy. However, as nothing in technology is flawless, users are dealing with iRobot Roomba Error 40.

If you are curious why your Robot Roomba sometimes beeps? Does your Roomba often become stuck while simultaneously flashing a cold warning to you? Or giving different errors? If so, then you are not alone.

Here we have explained solutions to fix iRobot Roomba Error 40. You can also apply the below-mentioned solutions if you are dealing with Roomba errors 9, 11, 14, 15, 26, 34, 43, 47, or 69.

What Causes iRobot Roomba Error Code 40?

The iRobot Roomba errors 40 along with other errors can pop up due to several reasons. Some of these causes are:

  • Charging Errors
  • Operational Errors
  • Error Code 40

Let’s discuss these errors and their fixes so you can easily solve any of these errors if appear.

How To Fix iRobot Roomba Error Code 40

Roomba error 40 indicates that the Roomba I Series is stuck in the infrared (IR) beam of a Virtual Wall or Home Base. Press CLEAN to restart Roomba after moving it to a new spot.

  • If there are several Virtual Walls placed side by side, Roomba may have trouble navigating. Please be sure that none of your Virtual Walls are facing one another.
  • Make sure the Home Base is in a clear, uncluttered area with enough space on all sides if this mistake happens close to it. If the problem remains, move the home base.

How To Fix iRobot Roomba Charging Errors:

Your Roomba can have charging errors, which you can quickly resolve.

1. Charging Error 1

Instead of being an error, this is more like a mistake. This occurs when the battery is improperly connected or is left unconnected after construction. Therefore, a single beep from the Roomba alerts you to the battery’s unavailability.

To fix it just make sure the battery is connected correctly.

2. Charging Error 2

The majority of the time, iRobot Roomba charging error 2 occurs when the battery overheats due to an excess current that exceeds the safe level or when batteries are fake.

To fix the situation, just disconnect the device and leave it idle for at least 3 to 4 hours. Next, make sure the batteries are original by checking their serial numbers.

In the Roomba 500 series and subsequent versions, this error is common.

3. Charging Error 3

You’ll get three beeps all at once as a warning if this error occurs. Resetting and charging the robot is all that is required (Assist the Roomba to return to its charger).

4. Charging Error 4

The robot is not receiving an electrical current, according to charging error 4. Usually, a reboot of the Robot will fix this problem. Please press and hold the CLEAN button for roughly twenty (20) seconds to restart the robot.

5. Charging Error 5

When you initially purchase the Roomba, this error pops up. A yellow stripe cuts the electricity system and breaks the circuit.

To fix this issue, you must restart the Roomba.

6. Charging Error 6

Your battery will no longer be able to charge in this situation. This occurs when the batteries overheat to the point that charging is stopped.

To fix it, Roomba has to be unplugged and left alone until it cools down. After that, plug it back into the outlet to recharge. You are fine to go if you discover that the Roomba is charging properly. However, if the Roomba still isn’t charging, you’ll need to get a new battery.

7. Charging Error 7

It’s time to consider replacing your batteries as soon as possible if you get an error 7 on a regular basis.

These were all the usual charging errors with Roombas that you could encounter.

8. Charging Error 8

The Roomba I Series battery is not charging, according to charging error 8. Make sure the Roomba is charging in a warm environment. Avoid charging the battery in conditions that are too cold or hot. Make sure a radiator, baseboard heater, or vent heater is away from the Roomba while it is charging.

9. Charging Error 9

The Roomba I Series battery is not charging if there is a charging error 9. In order to access the battery and make sure you are using an original iRobot Lithium Ion Battery, please remove the bottom cover and edge sweeping brush. Battery fraud might result in charging errors.

10. Charging Error 10

A cell imbalance that prevents the battery from charging correctly is indicated by the robot stating Charging Error 10. You’ll need to buy a new battery if the issue continues.

How To Fix iRobot Roomba Operational Errors

Operational errors are often little defects that may be quickly fixed by following a few straightforward guidelines. You’ll receive a varied amount of beeps as a notification of this error. You must be aware of the issue with counting beeps.

1. One Beep or Error 1

If you only hear one beep, your Roomba may be stuck somewhere or one of its side wheels may be dangling.

Now, move your Roomba and activate the cleaning mode by pressing the ‘CLEAN‘ button. You now need to inspect your Roomba’s side wheels. Check the wheel for any obstructions, such as hair that has been lodged. To make sure the wheels are clean, you may accomplish this by moving them back and forth.

2. Two Beep or Error 2

These two beeps signify that the brushes can no longer turn because of the amount of dirt they have gathered.

You must first examine the bearings by opening the brush case. Wash the brushes to make sure there isn’t any debris preventing them from rotating. Wash the cases, bearings, and gears as well. After cleaning everything, thoroughly assemble all the pieces.

3. Five Beep or Error 5

If there is an obstacle in the side wheels that will restrict the wheels from operating correctly, your Roomba will alert you with 5 beeps.

Make sure the side wheels are free of any debris or hair that may have become caught. To see any obstacles, flip the robot over and push the wheels and remove it.

4. Six Time Beep or Error 6

Your cliff sensors will alert you with this particular sort of six beeps. The cliff sensors are either over a cliff or have dirt piled on them.

To correct it, clean the sensors thoroughly with a dry, clean cloth or with compressed air.

5. Seven Beeps or Errors 7

This one shares a connection with mistake 5 about the side wheels. This indicates that one or both side wheels are jammed. The wheel won’t be able to turn any further because of these impediments.

To repair it, inspect the side wheels for any debris or hair that may be lodged there.

6. Eight Beeps or Error 8

This will show that the Roomba is stuck in one spot, either because the front caster is jammed or the entire vacuum is jammed.

Simply clean the front caster to get rid of it, and you’re ready to go. However, if the caster on your Roomba is still stuck after cleaning, it is necessary for you to replace the caster.

7. Nine Beeps or Error 9

You should be focused on the space between the frame and the bumper. This alerts you about the sensors’ contamination.

Therefore, you must clean the sensors in addition to the Roomba as a whole. Your Roomba will function flawlessly in this manner.

8. Ten Beeps or Error 10

This indicates that nothing has yet been recognized as an impediment by your Roomba. But it also suggests that there are certain barriers causing the side wheels to become stopped.

You must inspect the side wheels for any dirt buildup. And verify each wheel’s resistance. Finally, use a vacuum to clean the wheel.

9. Eleven Beeps or Error 11

This shows that the Roomba hasn’t yet encountered any obstructions. When there is less furniture in a bigger room, this is more likely to occur.

Consider utilizing a hand vacuum in this kind of space.

10. Twelve Beeps or Error 12

The Roomba will beep 12 times to alert you when the cliff sensor is dusty and unable to conduct its job effectively.

Clean the cliff sensors. Try to get the sensor replaced as soon as you can if the issue persists.