What is GameRanger and is it Safe to Use in 2024?

Do you want to know about GameRanger safety? Gamers can use this multiplayer service to play games like SWAT 4, Age of Empire 3, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, etc.

If you want to use this gaming service then you should know if it’s still active or not. In this article, we have explained everything about GameRanger. So read this article.

What is GameRanger?

GameRanger is a free utility that you can download on a Mac and PC. This tool lets you play over 700 games and demos online with friends and opponents worldwide.

GameRanger offers features like profiles, friends lists, instant messaging, in-game voice communication, and competitive ladders/rankings/ratings.

This online game service was released in 1999 and it is still working making it the longest-running multiplayer online gaming service on any platform

Is GameRanger Safe?

Yes, Gameranger is completely safe from viruses and spyware. As far as we have tested this app on our Windows 11 PC we can say that if you have downloaded it from the official website then you don’t need to worry about things.

One extra care that we suggest our users take is to ensure that the gameranger.exe file is installed in the correct path to eliminate viruses or spyware.

When we say whether Game Ranger is safe to use or does it provides a safe play environment. First, you should understand why the question of safety arises.

Mainly, there are always two groups having different opinions about this game platform.

Many users simply compare the features that GameRanger offers to its users for free and stand with the opinion that GameRanger is safe to play.

On the other hand, those users who have faced issues related to the impossibility of using their web browser after installing Game Ranger. They consider it a virus running by hackers just to hack the PC.

How can we know if Game Ranger is affected by viruses and spyware on your PC? Read on…..

What Is A GameRanger.Exe File?

To understand if Game Ranger is a virus you need to understand what is GameRanger.exe file. The .exe file is the most important file that viruses and spyware use to spread in your system.

So you can easily detect viruses in installed programs using the .exe file. When you install the Game Ranger platform from “GameRanger Technologies”, it starts downloading along with an executable file known as “GameRanger.exe”.

If you see a sudden increase in CPU, GPU, or Network usage on your Windows 10 PC then it means that viruses have affected this file.

This is the reason that you have to go through several additional steps before uninstalling this gaming software. Because the virus makes this file run in the background all the time.

How To Check If GameRanger Safe From Viruses And Spyware?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to easily determine if GameRanger is virus-free or not.

Step 1. Check Default Location

If you are used to downloading games and apps then you might have noticed that whenever you download a game you always see the default location i.e. C Drive.

So while downloading Game Ranger on your PC you need to be extra careful where it is downloading. If it’s not downloading in the default location that gives you a hint that there might be a virus or spyware attached to the file.

Step 2. Check CPU/GPU Usage in Task Manager

Most of the time when the virus hits the GameRanger.exe file you will see High CPU, GPU, or Network usage. It happens if you carelessly download Game Ranger. Try to close the tasks and uninstall them from your PC.

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Alternatively, you can also add a new field in your Task Manager by selecting the fields and setting the type of the new field as “Image Path Name” or “File Path Name”. You can randomly check the location of every running task here. If you see a strange path then that program can be a virus or spyware.

Step 3. Check From Microsoft Process Explorer

If you followed step 2 but could not get the desired result then we recommend checking the Game Ranger through Microsoft Process Explorer.

Don’t worry it’s not some additional app that you need to download almost every PC comes up with an already installed “Microsoft Process Explorer.”

Microsoft Process Explorer To Check If Program Has Virus

In case you don’t have this app you can download its latest version from Microsoft’s official page. Once installed go to the search bar and open this program. The process explorer can help you find which process has the virus and is destroying your PC’s performance.

This will also show Game Ranger if it has a virus and spyware. You will find an option called “Check Legends.”

Just mark it as activated and then reach out to the “View” section. From this section, select all the columns and add a new field, “Verified Signer.”

When you run a program, the status of your program comes under the “Verified Signer” field.

You may find the status of a program that is “Unable to Verify.” That’s when you need to check the program for viruses and spyware. Remember, all the processes with viruses show up with this status.

If you have found Game Ranger with the status showing as “Unable to Verify”, delete it immediately.

How To Remove Or Uninstall GameRanger.Exe?

After applying the above steps if it’s found that GameRanger has viruses and spyware then you need to delete it. Follow these steps:

  • Locate the Game Ranger installation folder and you will see uninstaller’s .exe. Double-click on it to run it.
  • If you got this Game Ranger installed using a Windows Installer, search “System Settings” in the search bar. You will see an option of “Add or Remove Program.”
  • Scroll down, and you will see GameRanger.exe there.
  • To uninstall it, right-click on it. An option of “Uninstall Program” will appear. Just hit this button, and the executable file of this game will get deleted.

Download Free Antivirus Program For Windows PC

You might detect if the Game Ranger has viruses but this might not always work for you, so having a professional antivirus program is a must for Windows PC.

Download reliable antivirus software and in our experience, Malwarebytes is the best choice. There are many types of viruses and spyware, but this antivirus program can detect them all and securely clean your PC.

Can I delete My GameRanger Account?

No, once created you can’t delete the GameRanger account. However, you have the choice to change your name, email, and password to some temporary mail and random characters so the account won’t relate to any other data.