Is Yt1s Youtube Downloader Safe?

Is the Google top-ranked YT1S online YouTube downloader really a good bet to use?

YT1s YouTube downloader is the most popular online video downloader that let you choose a variety of formats and qualities to download. Among other YouTube video downloaders has no limitation to getting offline videos on your PC or mobile.

However, there are great numbers of users who want to know that “is Yt1s Youtube downloader safe”? If you have installed antivirus software on Windows 10/11 PC then you might see Yt1s marked it as PUA (potentially unwanted app).

In this article, we have explained “is Yt1s Youtube downloader safe to use”? and in case is not safe what other alternatives do users have to download YouTube videos.

Is Yt1s Youtube Downloader Safe?

When you land on for the first time you should know that it’s a YouTube download service. The first thing that users should read is their privacy policy page. Here they have categorized the data into two parts, i.e. 1) data on how the user uses our Services; 2) aggregate data on content the user engages with. do collect your cookies, and IP address, and the list goes on that you can read on the page.

However, one thing that we felt most irritating is that forcefully hosts a number of intrusive advertisements and pop-ups that you will see each time you try to use the website.

In these pop-ups, they persuade you to download stand-alone apps that mostly are potentially unwanted programs known as (PUP).

If you ever want to use or similar services, you should remember not to rely on any of their ads and pop-ups. Also, we assure you that downloading any of the apps they offer can be a big mistake as you can easily install PUPs, browser hijackers, or adware.

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View of Users On Reddit When Asked Is Yt1s Safe?

Most Reddit users highlight as a threat to PC because they use malicious codes that trigger Antivirus software and mark this site as a risk to use.

I used Yt1s it and it made my cursor move on its own I couldn’t move it and then said that it had my ip and call there phone immediately and also said that if i turn my pc off it may erase all my data and get identity theft.

However, one user clarified that as long as it was a media file (mp4, mp3, etc) you probably don’t have a virus. may have tried to track your location and cookies, but that’s it. If you had an AdBlocker installed on your PC or android device you should be fine. You can only download viruses from the pop-ups on Yt1s.

What other Alternative Do You Have To Download YouTube Videos?

Security is the top most concerns of online users in 2022 and in the years to come. To ensure complete safety many Reddit users suggest using more acknowledged open-source freeware YoiTube Downloaders like Tartube, FFmpeg, and youtube-dl to conduct this kind of download thing.

Most of these tools are available to download on GitHub in a simple command-line utility. You’ll have to think a tiny bit in order to use it.

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