Fix: Lost Ark Keep Crashing Randomly on Windows 10/11 PC

Lost Ark keeps crashing your PC on startup with or without an error code. You can’t even make it past the character creation or tutorial island thing. Here’s a solution for you.

Lately, many players are complaining that Lost Ark keeps crashing on Reddit. The crashes occur on startup or during gameplay. Some users complained that Lost Ark close randomly right after 30 seconds. The number of players reported that either crash occur while loading the game or opening any menu i.e inventory, skills, quests.

If you are also dealing with a severe Lost Ark crashing issue on Windows 10/11 where pictures stay and then black screen or it’s just a random crash. Then stick with this post as we have a fix that will resolve your problem.

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Why Lost Ark keeps crashing my Windows 10 computer

The causes of Lost Ark not launching or crashing may differ but after searching multiple Reddit and other forums, we came to the conclusion that below are the common causes that trigger this error.

  • System barely meeting minimum system requirements.
  • Overheating components
  • Outdated graphics driver
  • Unnecessary tasks running in the background
  • Antivirus software causing conflict
  • Corrupted or faulty Lost ark setup file

Minimum system requirements to run Lost Ark on Windows 10/11

Before moving on to fixes it’s important to know if your system meets the system requirements to play Lost Ark. In most reported cases Lost Ark PC crash occurs if your PC doesn’t have the proper hardware.

In case your PC meets the required hardware and still, you see crashes then apply the below fixes.

  • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit only)
  • Processor: Intel i3 or AMD Ryzen 3
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / AMD Radeon HD 6850

How To fix Lost Ark keeps crashing randomly on Windows 10

Don’t try all the fixes just pick the one that suits you best.

Fix 1. Remove AntiEasyCheat from Windows 10/11

In most cases, the game crashes due to background services that run along with the game. AntieasyCheat is another hidden program that constantly runs and ultimately crashes Lost Ark on Windows 10/11 PC.

You can either use Task manager and locate AntiEasyCheat and close its service or simply reinstall Windows 11/10 by wiping all the drivers and then again updating them.

Fix 2. Update graphics drivers

In most cases the Lost Ark keeps crashing issue occurred due to outdated or faulty graphics drivers. If you are running your PC with old GPU drivers then you need to update them. Here’s is how you can Update Graphics Driver in Windows 11/10/7.

The two major GPU manufacturers AMD and NVIDIA regularly release their latest graphics drivers but to install them is a big hassle.

If you don’t have the time or skills to locate the compatible driver for your Windows PC, then we recommend downloading Driver Easy. The Driver Easy is the best driver updater software for PC. This tool automatically scans and updates the latest compatible version with a single click.

Just download the Driver Easy Trial version and boost your PC performance.

Fix 3. Varify integrity of the game file

The Lost Ark is crashing because the game file might be corrupted or some of its main files are broken, removed. It’s advised to repair the game file using the Steam client.

Follow these steps:

  • Launch Steam and find Lost Ark in your Library.
  • Right-click the game then click Properties.
  • Under Local files, click Verify integrity of game files.
  • It will take a few minutes for Steam to complete the scan. During this process if any game file found corrupted or missing, Steam will replace or add the new game files for you.

Fix 4. Close unnecessary background programs

The average computer has multiple programs installed in it, sometimes anyone of them starts messing with games hence you see crashing issues. Another reason for Lost Ark crashing on PC is the high CPU or RAM usage caused by the programs.

Close unnecessary background programs

You need to close all those unwanted programs that are hogging up your resources. You can use Windows Task Manager to locate which program is consuming more memory and close it.

Fix 5. Disable your antivirus software

Do you have any antivirus software installed on your Windows PC? If yes, then it might be the main culprit of triggering Lost Ark crashes. Usually, antivirus software conflicts with the Steam client and related games.

These actively run in the background scanning your PC when they detect any virus they instantly close the game to let you know about it.

In some cases, these antimalware tools recognize Steam or the game as a potential threat and stop them from running. You can fix the Lost Ark’s crashing issue by disabling these tools.

However, we suggest you uninstall them and then check your game if it runs without any crashes then it’s your Antivirus program.

Fix 7. Turn off overlays

Overlays do give us an amazing gaming experience yet they may turn out to be a problem for gamers. If you have enabled Steam or Discord overlay then you need to turn them off to fix Lost Ark’s crashing error.

How to disable Steam overlay?

  • Launch Steam, and go to Settings > In-game.
  • Uncheck the box of Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game.
  • Click OK to save the changes.

How to disable Discord overlay?

  • Launch Discord.
  • On the bottom-left, click the gear-shaped icon to open the user settings.
  • On the left panel, scroll down and find Game Overlay.
  • Toggle off Enable in-game overlay.

Now run Lost Ark and check if the crashes are fixed or not.

Fix 8. Perform a clean boot

When you run Windows PC multiple services start running with it. Sometimes any service gets in the way ended up causing Lost Ark crashes. Now what to do if Ark keeps crashing? You can start your PC in a clean boot state which means preventing any service from running.

This fix will help you identify any service that might be messing with your game. Follow these steps:

  • Press Win + R and type msconfig then click to open System Configuration.
  • Under the Services tab, check Hide all Microsoft services, then click Disable all and OK.
  • Go to the Startup tab, click Open Task Manager.
  • Under the Startup tab, click each startup item then click Disable until you’ve disabled all startup items.
  • Restart your PC.

Now play the game to see if the problem is resolved.

Fix 9. Lower graphics settings

If you are able to play Lost Ark but soon you have an open menu or go into an open area and game crashes then you need to lower in-game graphics settings. It’s because your PC’s current hardware is unable to handle graphics rendering.

Just go into your game graphics setting and set all the metrics to medium or even low and then play the game.

Fix 10. Disable CPU or GPU Overclocking

With the overclocked CPU or GPU you can get more power but at the same time, your system may start posing errors due to instability. Stop overclocking, if you are using MSI Afterburner uninstall it.

Read Also: Fixed: MSI Afterburner OC Scanner Not Working

This instability issue arises when you aren’t giving enough cool air and CPU temp or GPU temp are going overboard. you should always monitor your CPU temps in case you don’t want to underclock your PC.

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