How To Fix Madden 22 Stuck on Loading Screen On PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2024

Find out how to fix the Stuck on Loading Screen error in Madden NFL 22.

If you’re a passionate Madden 22 player, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting stuck on the loading screen. Whether you’re on Xbox, PlayStation, or PC, dealing with this issue can put a damper on your gaming experience. The good news is that fixing this problem doesn’t have to be a complicated ordeal.

In this article, we’ll address specific concerns such as Madden not loading, being stuck on breaking the huddle or encountering issues during the showtime feature. We’ll explore solutions for various platforms, including Xbox One and PS4, ensuring that, regardless of your gaming console, you can overcome the challenges and get back to enjoying Madden 22 without the headache of a perpetual loading screen.

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Why is Madden 22 Stuck on the Loading Screen?

Causes that trigger Madden 22 stuck on the loading screen vary depending upon the console you have.

  • Online games, especially those with a significant online component like Madden, can experience server-related problems.
  • The issue with the EA server recognizing or authenticating the user’s login credentials can prevent the game from progressing past the loading screen
  • Madden 22, like any software, might have bugs or glitches that can cause loading problems.
  • Problems with the internet connection can also lead to loading screen problems.

How To Fix Madden 22 Stuck on Loading Screen Error

Let’s dive into the solutions and get you back on the virtual field in no time.

1. Play in Offline Mode (PS4/PS5)

Some users have reported success by going offline in their console settings, launching the game, and then going back online. This may bypass certain login or server-related issues.

  • Quit the game.
  • Go offline from console settings.
  • Load the game up offline.
  • Once past the initial load screen, go back online from your console settings.
  • Wait for about 10-15 seconds and press RT or R2 on your controller.

2. Account Sign-Out

Signing out of your profile and starting the game without signing in, then signing in when prompted, has worked for some users. You should also try this fix.

3. Check for Server Issues

Madden 22 is a multiplayer game so there are chance that the servers are down. Use online services like Downdetector to check if there are widespread server issues affecting Madden.

If server problems are identified, it’s advisable to wait until they are resolved for a smoother gaming experience.

4. Restart PC and PlayStation Console

Before launching Madden 22, perform a full restart of your PC and console. This can help clear temporary data and refresh the system, potentially resolving any issues that might be affecting the game.

5. Check for Updates

Ensure that your PC and console’s operating system and Madden 22 are both up to date. Check for system updates in your PC and console settings and game updates through the game’s menu. Developers regularly release patches to address bugs and improve performance.

6. Restart the Modem and Router

Most of the time it’s your router that is causing the Madden 22 Stuck on Loading error. Connection connectivity issues prevent the local package from linking with the game’s online servers.

Try to restart your modem and router. It will clear the cache and renew the IP Address. Here’s how to do it:

  • Press the power button to turn off the Modem
  • Unplug the power cable
  • Wait for a couple of minutes
  • Reconnect the cable and turn it on. Make sure that all the lights are normal

Now again run the Madden 22 to check if it’s launching properly.

7. Verify the Integrity of Game Files (PC)

The corrupt or missing game files can also cause Madden 22 won’t load problems. Run the Steam Integrity check to scan and repair the game files.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Launch Steam on your PC.
  2. Navigate to the Library tab.
  3. Locate Madden 22 in the list, right-click on it, and select Properties.
  4. Choose the Local Files tab, then click on “Verify integrity of game files.”
  5. Allow the system some time to scan and repair any broken, missing, or removed files associated with Madden 22.

8. Update Network Adapter

Another common reason that causes the Madden 22 not loading screen error is the poor or outdated network adapter driver.

You can update network drivers using the Device Manager. Here you can locate the Network adapter tab, double-click on it to expand it then find the relevant outdated driver and update it.

On the other hand, if you don’t have computer skills or want to save time you can download the driver updater tool i.e. Driver Easy. This tool is very handy as it automatically scans and installs the official drivers from the motherboard manufacturer’s site.

We recommend you download Driver Easy on your PC.

9. Use VPN

The game Server and your region may be far away causing internet interruption. Here are some VPNs we recommended:

  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark
  • CyberGhost

10. Clear Data on Xbox

Try to clear the game data. Since you can’t recover the data it is highly recommended to back up data to the online storage.

Follow these steps:

  • Open XBOX
  • Go into Settings.
  • Choose Storage.
  • Clear local saved games.

Now play the game to confirm if the won’t launch problem is solved on XBOX.

11. Delete the Reserved Space

This fix is only for XBOX and PlayStation players. Try to delete the saved game data.

XBOX & XBOXSeries X users follow these steps:

Close the Game > Options > Go to Manage Game and Addons for Madden > Saved Data > Reserved Space > Select Options > Select clear reserved space > Confirm.

PlayStation users follow these steps:

Close the Game > Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Saved Data > Console Storage > Choose Game File > Delete.

12. Uninstall and Reinstall Madden 22

Before reinstalling, uninstall Madden 22 from your console. Clear the cache, which can often be done through the console settings or storage options.

Afterward, download and install the game again. This process can eliminate corrupted files that might be causing the loading screen problem.