How To Make Money Fast in Starfield and Get Rich Quickly (Unlimited Credits)

Looking for a way to make money fast in Starfield! there are plenty of ways to make money however the most lucrative methods that appealed to us are looting, raiding ships, selling survey data, and completing radiant quests.

In Starfield, it’s crucial to earn money quickly so that you don’t find yourself unable to purchase or upgrade essential items. Whether you need to restock your ammunition or enhance your ship, credits are a necessity for everything in the game. Given the multitude of available items to buy, it’s quite easy to deplete your funds in no time at all.

In this guide, we have detailed the best methods to make money fast in Starfiels. There are also money glitches that you can exploit to get unlimited in-game credits.

Best Ways To Make Credits Fast in Starfield

Loot & Sell Things

Did you defeat an enemy? Then loot their remains and you will find a bunch of crates filled with seemingly useless items like mugs. Well, those mugs can be turned into Credits.

Bethesda games, at their core, are often like dungeon crawlers, and dungeons usually yield some form of treasure or reward. As you explore, fill your inventory with loot, and then trade it with the first merchant you come across.

Unlock the Commerce Skill

Once you’ve gathered your loot and transported your valuable items back to a trader, it’s crucial to aim for the highest selling price. This is where Commerce skill proves invaluable.

Even with just one point invested in this skill, you can purchase items for 5% less and sell your own items for a 10% higher price.

As you progress in skill levels, these benefits increase, culminating in the ability to buy items for 20% less and sell your own items for 25% more at the highest skill rank.

Use Mission Moards To Do Main & Side Quests

It’s not surprising that completing missions in Starfield will earn you Credits as a reward. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to the main questline. Starfield features Mission Boards located in Space Ports and allied bases, where you can access an endless supply of radiant quests.

These radiant quests may involve various tasks. Perhaps you’ll be tasked with transporting goods between systems or hunting down pirates causing trouble in the vicinity. Whatever the mission, you can expect a rewarding payout in Credits upon your successful return.

Raid Ships to Steal Cargo

While engaging in space battles and attacking enemy ships, you can target their engines to immobilize them in the vast expanse of space. Once their ship is motionless, you have the opportunity to board the enemy vessel and eliminate its crew. You can also loot their bodies and clear out the cargo hold, transferring valuable items to your own ship.

However, things are rarely straightforward. The items you plunder from the enemy ship will be classified as Contraband, and they will be detected during scans when you intend to land on colonized planets. While most cities offer facilities to sell stolen goods, you’ll need to equip your ship with the Shielded Cargo upgrade to successfully evade these scans and sneak your ill-gotten gains past authorities.

Sell survey data

As you explore each Starfield planet, you have the opportunity to scan various lifeforms and plants. Completing these scan checklists rewards you with survey data unique to that planet, which can be sold to Constellation for a substantial sum.

If you’ve played space games like No Man’s Sky, this may feel familiar, but newcomers from games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 might overlook selling this extra data. It’s typically valued at a minimum of 1,000 Credits, making it a worthwhile sale whenever you reunite with your Constellation comrades.

Sell Items To Marchants

In Starfield, you have the option to sell most items to any merchant, but the selling price can vary depending on where you go. For instance, it’s advisable to sell your Survey Data to Vlad on the Eye because he tends to offer a higher price compared to other vendors.

Additionally, if you have books to sell, you can visit Ahnjong at Sinclair’s Books in Akila City. Typically, books might fetch only a few hundred Credits, but Ahnjong is willing to pay up to 2000 Credits per book, which represents a significant increase in profit.

By choosing the right buyers, you can maximize your earnings without putting in much extra effort, ultimately helping you amass wealth more quickly.

Use Cheats

There are also Starfield console commands and cheats that you can use to make unlimited money in Starfield.

This method is for PC players who don’t mind losing out on some achievements.

  1. Press the “~” tilde key to open the console.
  2. Enter the following codes here:
    • player.additem 0000000F 1000000
  3. Press the enter key.

Boom you instantly have 1M credits in your account now. Additionally, you can also download Starfield Trainer to use cheat in the game.