How to Earn 100K Poke Dollars in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet [Money Farming Guide]

No need to start Tera raids just follow these methods to earn 100 thousand Poke Dollars.

You want to farm more money (Poke Dollars) in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! Here we have mentioned the best methods that you can use to farm money.

Poke Dollars are the currency in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet that you can use to participate in an auction or buy evolution items, breeding items, Poké Balls, or Potions from different shops and vendors.

You have to earn the money through different processes. You can either participate in Tera Raids to get huge rewards and items that you can sell them later on.

In this guide, we have explained how to make money in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Stick with his article as here are mentioned the easy money farming method that we recommend to our users.

How to Farm a Ton of Money in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Below are two methods through which you can earn money.

  1. Collect shiny items from Asado Desert and sell them
  2. Use the Picnic Method to farm money

1. Making Money Through Shiny Items

Go to Asado Desert because this is an open area and spawns a lot of shiny items. There are a lot of precious items that you can sell to farm money like stardust, Light Screen, and Star Piece. You can also look for the items in Area Zero but you need to unlock the area first to get access.

Collect shiny items from Asado Desert and sell them

2. Picnic Method To Farm Money in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Equip high-level Pokémon like Roaring Moon and Iron Valiant. Breeding with these Pokémon increases the chance of getting the star piece fast. You also need to get the food items to make your Pokémon happy.

Preparation To Get money Via Picnic Method

You have to do the following steps in order to make money using the Picnic method.

  • Getting Food Items
  • Sure Cans Items
  • Artisan Bakery Items
  • Set the Picnic
  • Get the star piece

1. Getting Food Items:

Go to the Mesagoza West, here you will find three shops i.e. Sure Cans, Deli Cioso, and Artisan Bakery near Fountain Area. Get food materials from these shops.

2. Sure Cans Items

Buy 15 pieces of Banana and Strawberry. It will cost you 80 Poke Dollars. You need this item after half an hour while breeding

buying sure cans items

3. Artisan Bakery Items

Visit this shop to buy 15 pieces of Butter (250 Poke Dollar) and Peanut Butter (300 Poke Dollar)

buying required items from artisan bakery

4. Set the Picnic

Now set the Picnic on the Star Piece that you can find in Asado Desert. You won’t be able to start the picnic if you can’t find Star Piece.

5. Get the Star Piece

Use food items to make Pokemon happy and give them buff. The buff effects last for half an hour. Also, craft an Egg sandwich to increase the spawn rate of the Star Piece. You have to stand near the picnic table. Check the basket from time to time to get the Star Piece.

get the star piece in the picnic to make money

After getting the Star Piece to go to the shop or Poke center to sell them. If you are able to get the 19 Shiny Pieces you can sell them for 100 thousand Poke Dollars and sometimes more than that.