Solved: MSI Afterburner Can’t Change Fan Speed/ Greyed Out

The fan speed setting of the MSI afterburner is grayed out and I can't change it. Is there a way to enable the feature?

MSI Afterburner can’t change fan speed? Is the fan speed locked or greyed out? Or you can’t control fan speed because Afterburner is not working at all?

We have worked out a lot to give you the best solution to fix MSI Afterburner can’t change the fan speed problem.

Millions of users download MSI Afterburner to overclock their gaming PC. It let you adjust the hardware settings to run a stress test.

Among others, this tool is the best fan control software for Windows 10 PC. Currently millions of users are using this tool to overclock their PC. This tool also lets you check CPU and GPU temperature on a PC. Custom fan curve is its most popular feature that enables users to change or control the fan speed of CPU and GPU.

Lately, many gigabytes 2070 Windforce, Gigabyte Rtx 2080, or R9 295×2 users are complaining that MSI Afterburner is greyed out and can’t change the fan speed.

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Problem: Can’t change fan speed in MSI Afterburner…

I wanted to test the fans in my GPU, but for some reason, the fan control is greyed out. I tried googling this but didn’t find an answer on any other topic. In the settings, there is nothing to enable the fan control speed. Does anyone know how to do this? I’ve noticed that other people have the fan curve tab to set the fan speed according to the temperature, I don’t have that either.

Why can’t I change anything on MSI Afterburner?

How to solve MSI afterburner can’t change fan speed/greyed out

Apply the below-mentioned solutions to find the best fix if the MSI Afterburner Fan speed is locked, greyed out, or you can’t adjust the fan speed.

1. MSI Afterburner Fan Greyed Out

Most users start changing the fame speed after installing this tool without even knowing how to unlock fan speed in MSI Afterburner. They will see greyed-out fan settings, follow these steps to unlock fan speed. To do that;

  • Open MSI Afterburner
  • Click settings
how to unlock fan speed in msi afterburner
  • Click the Fan tab.
how to increase gpu fan speed msi afterburner
  • Check the box “Enable user-defined software automatic fan control.”
msi afterburner unable to change fan speed
  • Set the fan curve however you like. The custom fan curve isn’t too bad.
msi afterburner fan speed not changing
  • Click Ok and restart it.
  • It will unlock the fan speed slider, make sure that the ‘Auto‘ option is disabled

Now you should see the fan speed section highlighted in green if you’re using the classic skin. That means user fan control is on. You can turn it on and off by clicking the “User Define” button on the right side of the Fan Speed box.

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2. Afterburner Fan Speed is Greyed Out in NVIDIA 20x Series GPU

If you have NVIDIA 20 series GPU then your fan settings will still be missing. The old MSI afterburner’s fan option won’t work on the NVIDIA 20x series GPU. For that, you need to download the MSI Afterburner Beta Version from their official site.

This will enable you to have access to fan control and create a fan curve. All other aspects remain the same.

3. Uninstall GPU Drivers Manually and Reinstall

If MSI Afterburner not changing fan speed or it’s not working at all, then try to reinstall GPU drivers. Use Device Manager to clean uninstall and reinstall on Windows 10 PC. Follow these instructions:

  • Press Windows logo key + R and type devmgmt.msc. Now hit enter.
  • Double-click on Display Adapters to expand it.
  • Right-click on your GPU name and select Uninstall device.
  • Visit your GPU manufacturer’s site, then download and install the latest driver available.

Sometimes your GPU drivers can interfere with your settings, especially when you switch from one manufacturer to another. Doing a clean install of the latest drivers for your new card will often fix most of your problems.

You can also download Driver Easy which is the best tool to update and delete the graphics drivers from your Windows 10 and Windows 11 PC.

4. Reinstall MSI Afterburner to Control GPU Fan Speed

Sometimes updates or changes to your system, or corrupted files can cause your software to break. Reinstalling MSI Afterburner can fix many issues, so git it a try.

  • Press Windows key + I to open settings
  • Click on Apps, here you will see a list of all installed software
  • Click on MSI Afterburner to Uninstall it.
  • Download the setup from their official site and reinstall the software.

5. Download Alternate Tool to Change the Fan Speed

If the above-mentioned solutions don’t fix MSI Afterburner can’t change the fan speed on the laptop of the PC. Then you need to download an alternate tool. There are plenty of free best fan speed controller programs for Windows 10 and 7 to manually change CPU and GPU fan speed.

How to fix MSI Afterburner No Fan Tab Problem

No fan tab issue in MSI afterburner arises when you are using the standard version. Download Afterburner’s Beta version and you are good to go.

If you still can’t see the fan tab there is a chance that you are using this software on a laptop on devices having mobile GPU.

This is how we fixed MSI Afterburner can’t change fan speed/greyed out the problem on Windows 10 PC.

FAQ – MSI Afterburner Fan Speed Not Working

Why Can’t I Change my Fan Speed in MSI Afterburner?

You can’t change fan speed because it’s disabled. You need to Enable fan speed using the settings menu. In settings, click on the Fan tab. Check the box “Enable user-defined software automatic fan control“. Set the fan curve and then click Ok. It will highlight the fan speed section. Now use the User Define button to turn on/off fan speed.

Why MSI Afterburner Locked Fan Speed on Laptop?

Most laptop manufacturer has locked the fan speed settings. So there is no way to unlock it. The reason is simple laptops are compact so they tend to overheat a lot. But on the high-end graphic laptop, there’s a manual button to set the fan speed to normal, medium, or high. Alternatively, you should download SpeedFan for your Laptop.

Solve MSI Afterburner Fan Curve not Working

If the custom fan curve not working and you can’t change fan speed as per your instructions. Then uninstall another fan control software that you might have. Also, don’t set the fan speed to Auto instead select User Defined.

What is Fan Sync MSI Afterburner?

Fan Synchronize allows you to switch between synchronous and asynchronous fan control modes. When fan sync in MSI Afterburner is enabled the fan speed automatically resonates with the internal heat. When Fan Sync is disabled you can select and adjust each fan speed independently by making a custom fan curve.

How to Fix MSI Afterburner Power Limit Greyed Out?

Sometimes MSI afterburner grey out the values for voltage, Temp, Core clock, memory clock, etc. You can fix the power limit problem if you change the theme or run the applications or game then you can see the power limit and other values. Download the latest beta version of Afterburner or update the graphics card driver.

How to Increase GPU Fan Speed Using the MSI Afterburner?

To increase GPU fan speed you need to set up a custom fan curve. Open Afterburner, use the fan speed slider. Click on the little gear icon and select User Define. It will open a graph with fan speed % and temperature. Dial the curve into just how you want it to behave under different temps.

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