Natural Underground Enemies Quest in One Piece Odyssey

There are multiple quests that you will get from different areas. Each area has its own questline and upon completing it you will get the rewards. You will get the natural underground quest in which you will defeat the wicked mouse in Water Seven City Area. Upon completion, you will get a reward.

In this guide, we will discuss How to complete Natural Underground Enemies Quest in One Piece Odyssey.

Natural Underground Enemies Quest Location

First, you need to get the quest in Water Seven City Area. You will see a frightened man near the navigation mark. When you reach there the NPC will tell you that he is a follower of the Franky family. He will tell you about a Mice that you need to defeat.

How to find the Wicked Mice

You need to go to the sewers of the Water Seven City Area. You can go there by fast traveling. After reaching there go to the right side and follow the stairs. You will reach to a lift area where you need to select the (To basement level two).

lift to basement level

Follow the straight path until you reach a bat. From there you need to go to the right side. You will see the wicked mice there. You need to interact with the mice and the mice will hit the chopper.

How to defeat the Berserk Wicked Mice

After interacting with the mice the battle will begin. You have to battle with three mice. You need to use the gum-gum pistol skill it will give them a lot of damage. Use the second ability of any character this will end the battle.

luffy gum-gum pistol skill

This is not a heavy battle you can just finish them with two moves. If you have unlocked the higher TP skills you can finish them with a single move. Like the Gum-Gum Kong Gun skill.

After defeating the wicked mice and talk to the NPC. You will report to NPC about the situation in that you get rid of the mouse. This will finish the quest and he will give you the reward.

Quest reward

You will get these items as a reward for finishing the quest.

  1. 36000 Money
  2. 6140 EXP
  3. Mouse Repellent (1)

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