How to Fix Need For Speed Unbound Black Screen issue on PS4/PS5

Easy troubleshooting to fix the black screen issue.

Since the NFS has been released, players complained about the Need For Speed Unbound Black Screen issue on PS4/PS5. Even after updates, the players are consistently dealing with black screen issues.

If you are also dealing with this issue then we have come up with fixes that can help you to overcome it.

How to Fix Need For Speed Unbound Black Screen issue on PS4/PS5?

Before applying the fixes ensure that your

  • TV or monitor is powered on and fully working
  • If you own a smart TV then update its software.
  • Connect a different device to your TV to ensure it is fine.

Restart the Console

The very first thing it may be a temporary glitch so try to restart your PS4/PS5 console to fix the NFS Unbound black screen issue.

Update the Game on PS4/PS5

To update Need For Speed Unbound on your PS5 manually, follow these steps:

  • Go to your PS5 Home Screen.
  • Find and highlight Need For Speed Unbound game tile.
  • Press the Options button on your DualSense controller
  • Select Check For Update with the X button.

Check your HDMI Cable and Ports

When you faced the black screen issue on PS4/PS5, the first thing you should do is to check the HDMII cable or port. Unplug both sides of the HDMI cable and then plug them back in. A poor connection to the TV and/ or console can lead to video issues.

Try Another TV/Display HDMI output port

If the TV or Monitor has more than one Port then try to plug the HDMI cable into a different one. You should also select the right input setting for the screen.

Change your Resolution

Syncing the monitor’s resolution with the game can also fix the NFS Unbound black screen issue.

Perform these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Screen and Video > Video Output.
  • Change the Resolution and match it with your Monitor
  • Restart your PlayStation.

The game shouldn’t give you any black screen issues now.

Use a 2.0 or 2.1 HDMI Cable

Usually, PlayStation requires a high-speed HDMI cable, to display high-resolution displays. In case you didn’t remember the exact version of your HDMI then it’s recommended to use the 2.0 HDMI cable that supports the high bandwidth.

Adjust Screen and Video Settings on PS4/PS5

Another fix is to change the display resolution. All you need to do is to disable HDCP and HDR and change RGB settings.

Disable HDR:

  • Go to your PS4/PS5 Settings > Choose Screen and Video
  • Select Video Output from the left pane.
  • Change the HDR option to Off.

Disable HDCP:

  • Go to your PS4/PS5 Settings > Go to System.
  • Choose HDMI from the left pane.
  • Turn Off the Enable HDCP option.

Change RGB Settings:

  • Go to the Settings menu from the PS4/PS5 Home screen.
  • Head over to Screen and Video > Select Video Output.
  • Select the RGB Range option at the bottom.
  • Now, select Limited or Full.

Change Screen Resolution:

  • Go to Settings on the console > Select Screen and Video.
  • Select Video Output from the left pane.

Disable Rest Mode

Some players keep the console on rest mode but when they start playing the game it leads to the game showing a black screen on PS4/PS5. Make sure to disable the rest mode by going into

Setting > System > Power Saving > Set Time until PS5 enters rest mode > Select the Don’t put in the rest mode option.

Rebuild Database (PS4/PS5)

Random black screen issues on PS5 can be linked with the corrupted data so rebuilding the database can fix the problem.

Press the Power button till you hear the second beep >Your console will boot up in Safe Mode > Here using the controller press the PS Button > Select Rebuild Database (Option 5) and follow the onscreen instruction.

Reset your PS4/PS5

If you are facing a Need For Speed Unbound screen issue on PS4/PS5 even after replacing the HDMI cable and changing your screen and video settings, then you should reset your PS4/PS5

For PS4 users:

Turned off your PS4 > Press and hold the Power button for around 7-8 seconds > Once PS4 is in Safe Mode, connect your controller using a charging cable and press the PS button > Click on Initialize PS4 and follow on-screen instructions to reset your console

For PS5 Users:

Press and hold the Power button of your PS5 until you hear a second beep > Plug in your controller using the charging port and press the PS button > Click on Reset PS5

Report the Problem to PlayStation Support:

If nothing happens and you keep dealing with the Need For Speed Unbound black screen issue then contact PS5/PS4 support page.