Need for Speed Unbound Cheats & Trainer For Unlimited Money, Nitro, And More

Here is everything about NFS Unbound Trainers and cheats for PC

New cars and their parts are necessary to upgrade and win races but these things don’t come for free. If you are an NFS fan then you should know that you have to grind money by completing tasks and tournaments.

That’s why many players are looking for NFS Unbound cheats for PC, PS4, PS5, or XBOX. As it’s a new game developers have no intentions of releasing any update relating to cheating. However, players do have found a money glitch but in the next update, you won’t find it as well.

In this article, we have explained the safest way to cheat in Need For Speed Unbound. The cheats and trainer mentioned here will only work in the PC version.

Best Need For Speed Unbound Cheats & Trainers For PC

Here are the two methods to cheat in the NFS Unbound PC version.

1. Download WeMod

WeMod is a free platform where you can find thousands of free game mods and trainers for your favorite single-player PC games. This tool automatically detects the game that you have installed and with One Click you can mod the game.

Need for Speed Unbound cheats in WeMod

As you can see currently WeMod is offering 9 cheats that include

  • Set Cash
  • Set Gains
  • Infinite Vehicle Health
  • No Vehicle Crashing
  • Unlimited Nitro
  • Slowdown Current Race Vehicles
  • No Police Reinforcements
  • No Police Spotting
  • Score Multiplier

How To Cheat NFS Unbound on PC?

  • Download WeMod on your Windows PC and install it.
  • Play NFS Unbound using Steam or Origin.
  • While the game is running go back to WeMod and set the HotKeys to enable or disable Need For Speed Unbound Cheats.
  • Go back to the game and activate the God Mod cheat.

2. Download Cheat Table & Trainer From CheatHappens

CheatHappens is another reliable source to get cheats and Trainers for games. Their trainers are tested, virus-free, and support more versions of the game. They keep track of the game and when a game receives updates they immediately release a new version of a cheat.

To download NFS Unbound cheats from CheatHappens you have to signup first. The process is easy and safe but that’s the requirement.

The current trainer version has the following cheats.

  • Unlimited Nitro
  • Freeze AI
  • No Damage To Cars
  • Mega Cash
  • Game Speed
  • Edit: Current Race Timer
  • Edit: Race Timer Base

3. Download Plitch Trainer With 22 Cheat Codes

So far Plitch is the only one that has more than 22 cheat codes to apply in NFS Unbound. To enable all cheat codes you need to buy a Plitch premium subscription. Otherwise, you can only use 3 cheats in it free plan.

So download Plitch Trainers and install its setup to automatically implement cheats into the game

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