How To Fix Need For Speed Unbound Crashing on PC

Deleting the DX12 file from the game folder or using a different launcher can fix crashes.

Need For Speed Unbound is the twenty-fifth installment in the NFS franchise. Soon after release, many players complained about the Need For Speed Unbound crashing issues on PC.

Players reported that they faced crashing issues exactly at the time when there was a lot happening like 5 rank car chase, going high speed, and multiple police cars on screen.

Until EA releases a new game patch to address the crashing issue here we have gathered fixes to resolve NFS Unbound crashes.

How to Fix Need For Speed Unbound Keeps Crashing Issue on PC?

Usually, a PC game crashes due to insufficient system requirements, outdated drivers, pending updates, or antivirus tools. There are also many other causes specific to each game.

However, you can apply the below-mentioned fixes that we have gathered after intensive research on multiple game forums.

  1. Restart your PC: First, try to restart your PC (It’s maybe a temporary glitch).
  2. Delete DX12 File: Redditors have confirmed that deleting the DX12 file fixes the Need For Speed Unbound Crashing on PC. Go to the \Origin Games\Need for Speed Unbound\shadercache and \Documents\Need For Speed(TM) Unbound\cache. Now delete the DX12 file and play the game.
  3. Updated your graphics, and network drivers on Windows PC. (How to Update Graphics Driver [Intel/AMD])
  4. Launch The Game Through Origin: try running the game using the Origin game engine. In most cases, it fixed the crashing issue.
  5. Verify the Integrity of the game file: To make sure game files are not corrupt you can scan the files.
  6. Update Windows OS: Make sure there isn’t any pending Windows update. Also, install Additional updates by clicking on the Advance options under Windows Update.
  7. Disable Overlay apps by following My Game Library> Game Properties > Uncheck the box  Enable Origin In-Game for NFS Unbound >Save
  8. Prevent computer overheating (If you are using MSI Afterburner to overclock then uninstall it and then play the game.)
  9. Change Fullscreen to Windowed Display Mode: Play NFS Unbound on Windowed Mode using Steam.
  10. Perform a clean boot
  11. Reinstall the NFS Unbound.