How to Fix Need For Speed Unbound Won’t Launch Issue on PC

These solutions will help you launch NFS Unbound Steam.

Since the Need For Speed Unbound has been released. Players complained about the NFS Unbound won’t launch issue on PC. When players click on the “Play button” there is no crash warning or anything but the game just won’t launch.

If you are also one of those unfortunate players and NFS Unbound won’t launch on PC. Then here we have listed the troubleshooting tips to solve this problem.

How to Fix Need For Speed Unbound Won’t Launch on PC?

Apply the following fixes.

  • Check the System Requirements: Make sure that your System meets the minimum requirements of the game.
  • Launch the NFS Unbound as an administrator: Running the game as an administrator usually mitigates the NFS Unbound Not Launching issue. Here’s how you can follow this fix: Navigate Game installation > Click on Need for Speed Unbound.exe file > Properties > Compatability tab > Run this program as an administrator > Apply> Ok

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  • Delete the PcDx12 file: Redditors have confirmed that deleting the DX12 file fixes the Need For Speed Unbound Crashing on PC. Go to the \Origin Games\Need for Speed Unbound\shadercache and \Documents\Need For Speed(TM) Unbound\cache. Now delete the DX12 file and play the game.
  • Updated the new NFS Unbound graphics driver: Update your graphics, and network drivers on Windows PC.

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  • Verify the Integrity of the game file: Corrupted and missing game files might cause the game to not launch. To make sure game files are not corrupt you can scan the files.
  • NFS Unbound might get blocked by Anti-virus: Sometimes AV software won’t let you launch or start the game. You should disable your AV software by going to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Virus & threat Protection > Manage Settings > Add exclusions> Select File> Select the .exe or executable file of NFS Unbound > Restart PC.

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  • Update Windows OS: Make sure there isn’t any pending Windows update. Also, install Additional updates by clicking on the Advance options under Windows Update.
  • Disable Steam Overlay by following Steam client > My Game Library> Game Properties > Uncheck the box  Enable Origin In-Game for NFS Unbound >Save

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  • Disable Steam Input: Appling this fix can mitigate the game won’t launch issue, you can also apply this fix by following way: Steam client > Library > Need for Speed Unbound > Controller > ‘OVERRIDE FOR Need for Speed Unbound’ > ‘Disable Steam Input’.
  • Prevent computer overheating (If you are using MSI Afterburner to overclock then uninstall it and then play the game).
  • Closed all the background processes: You can prevent game launch issue by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager > Processes tab > Select Task > End Task
  • Disable DirectX12: Sometimes PC configuration isn’t capable of running it. Here’s how you can disable DirectX12 to resolve NFS Unbound won’t launch issue: Settings > Video > Set ‘Enable DX12’ to ‘Off’ > Restart NFS Unbound
  • Reinstalling the NFS Unbound: If none of the solutions worked for you and all the fixes are going in vain then you need to reinstall the game.