Easy Steps To Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Not Opening on Windows PC

NVIDIA control panel not opening even though you have restarted the app/PC or reinstalled the GPU drivers. You will find our solutions very helpful.

NVIDIA control panel is an amazing app that lets you manage GPU performance. You can also enhance your graphics card power by making tweaks using this app.

Lately, many users are complaining that the NVIDIA control panel not opening on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Even if it does open it won’t work or some of its features miss.

If you are dealing with the NVIDIA control panel access denied error of this app that keeps missing and end up not opening at all then stick with this post.

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Why is my NVIDIA Control Panel not Opening?

The NVIDIA control panel won’t open on your Windows 10/11 PC if you don’t have the NVIDIA graphics card.

But if you have the NVIDIA GPU and still the control panel not opening, is because you have outdated GPU drivers, outdated Windows 10/11 OS, or its services are not working properly.

Another main reason why the NVIDIA Control Panel app isn’t working is the Antivirus software and third-party display drivers for other devices. These tools cause interference causing the control panel missing or not opening issue.

Apart from not opening issues Windows 10 and 11 users also see similar problems relating to the NVIDIA control panel. That include:

  • NVIDIA Control Panel has stopped working on Windows 10 – This issue arises if you have installed antivirus software on your PC.
  • NVIDIA Control Panel not working on Windows 7 64-bit – It happens when you have an older version of Windows OS.
  • Can’t find NVIDIA Control Panel – If the app’s icon keeps missing then you can simply go to its installation folder and create a shortcut on your desktop.
  • NVIDIA Control Panel missing – Many users reported that the app is missing or sometimes its display settings and G Sync options are missing after the update from the Control Panel. Simply open Control Panel and you should be able to access it.
  • NVIDIA Control Panel not showing – This happens when it wasn’t installed with the drivers, or it simply stopped working.
  • NVIDIA Control Panel won’t launch – If you have wrong or corrupted GPU drivers it won’t launch on Win 10 & 11.

How To Open NVIDIA Control Panel on Windows

Under normal circumstances, you can easily open the NVIDIA control panel app on any Windows PC that has the required GPU. To open it:

  • Right-click on any free space on the Windows Desktop.
  • Click NVIDIA Control Panel.
  • The Nvidia Control Panel will now open.

Alternative Method To Open the Nvidia Control Panel

If you can’t find this app in the context menu then open the Windows control panel and from there open the NVIDIA control panel. Follow these steps:

  • Press Win + R and type control and press Enter to open Control Panel.
  • The Control Panel will open. Click Hardware and Sound.
  • NVIDIA Control Panel should appear at the end of the listed options. Click to open it.

If you can open this app using these simple methods then you need to follow these below-mentioned fixes.

How To Fix NVIDIA Control Panel Not Opening

Apply the below fixes.

Restart NVIDIA Control Panel Services

If the simple relation between your PC and app doesn’t fix the issue then try restarting the NVIDIA services.

  • Press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard and type services.msc then hit Enter.
  • This will open the Services window.
  • Locate the “NVIDIA Display Container LS” service from the list. Right-click on it, and select Restart from the context menu.
  • Repeat the step above for the following services: NVIDIA LocalSystem Container, NVIDIA NetworkService Container, and NVIDIA Telemetry Container.

Once you have restarted the services try to open the control panel.

Update your NVIDIA drivers

Although many users reported that updating the NVIDIA GPU drivers doesn’t fix this issue. However, you should still try this fix it might fix the problem in your case.

You can opt for either manual or automatic methods to update graphics drivers. We suggest you download the Driver updater tool for Windows 10/11. It will scan and install the latest version on your PC on its own.

Close the NVIDIA Display Container Process

NVIDIA control panel not opening problem also occurs when there is already an NVIDIA process running on your PC. You need to close this process and then restart the app again. Follow these steps:

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task manager.
  • Click on the Details tab and locate the NVIDIA Display Container process.
  • Right-click on it to End Task.

Disable Fast Startup in Windows 10

Users on Reddit suggested that Fast Startup settings may cause the NVIDIA control panel not to open. Follow these steps to reload the necessary files and services to fix this issue.

  • Press Windows + R keys then type in control and press Enter to open Control Panel.
  • Click on the Hardware and Sound
  • Click on the Choose what the power buttons do link
  • Here click on Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  • Make sure that Turn on fast startup is unchecked, then click the Save changes button.
  • Restart your device and see if the NVIDIA Control Panel not working issue is resolved.

Disable the Antivirus Temporarily

Most of the time NVIDIA control panel does not work issue arises if you have installed third-party antivirus software on your PC. You need to disable it from running in the background.

The Windows Defender can also be the culprit so you also need to disable it on your PC.

  • Click the Start button, type security, and click on Windows Security from the results.
  • Select Virus & threat protection.
  • Now, if you don’t have a third-party antivirus installed, you can deactivate the protection of Windows Defender. If you do, you can select Open app and disable your antivirus from its menu.

Make sure that NVIDIA Control Panel isn’t hidden

The NVIDIA control panel not opening because it might be set as hidden in the app. You need to unhide it by following these steps:

  • Press the Windows + S and enter Nvidia control, then choose NVIDIA Control Panel from the list to open it.
  • Go to Desktop and select Add Desktop Context Menu.
  • Now you should be able to see NVIDIA Control Panel in your Taskbar and in your context menu.

Best NVIDIA Control Panel Settings

To get more performance out of your NVIDIA GPU, you need to choose the best NVIDIA control panel settings. It will help you play Warzone, Valorant, and Fortnite with the best quality.

Best NVIDIA Control Panel Settings

NVIDIA Control Panel Limit FPS

You can set a maximum FPS for all games using this app. To use this feature follow these steps:

  • Right-click your Windows desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel.
  • Select Manage 3D Settings under 3D Settings from the left side.
  • Ensure the Global Settings tab is selected to control the maximum frame rate for all applications on the PC
  • From the list of settings, click the box to the right of “Max Frame Rate” By default, this option is disabled, and there is no maximum frame rate.
  • To set a maximum frame rate, select “On” and choose your maximum frames per second (FPS.)
  • Click “Apply” at the bottom of the window to save your settings.

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