How To Fix OMRON Platinum Blood Pressure Monitor Error E4, E1, E2, E3, or E5

Understand What these errors are and try to avoid them to get accurate readings.

Many OMRON Platinum users use this device to check their blood pressure. Just like any other blood pressure monitor you may encounter errors while running tests. One such error is OMRON Platinum E4.

This is not the only error that you may see instead users have reported errors E1, E2, E3, & E5 while using this device. So if you are blood pressure patient and while using the OMRON Platinum monitor you have encountered E4, E1, E2. E3, or E5 errors then don’t worry.

Here we have explained all the OMRON Platinum errors with their solutions.

To fix error such as E1, E2, E3, or E4 on your OMRON display, try removing the device’s batteries and reinserting them. When taking reading, avoid sudden movements of your hands and body, ensure that the cuff is securely fastened to your arm, and keep your arm straight during the measurement.

All OMRON Platinum Blood Pressure Monitor Error?

Here we have explained all errors that you might encounter using this device.

What is OMRON Platinum Error E1?

Over the years the air plug and jack connection may get loose causing the E1 error. Make sure that plug it tight, accurately installed, and arm cuff is loosely applied

During tests, it’s important to hold the air plug and ensure that the tube is straight with no twists. Another possible cause for the E1 error is a broken cuff or tube. Before deciding to replace the cuff, it’s recommended to try switching the batteries to make sure they’re not the cause of the error.

What is OMRON Platinum Error E2?

An E2 error code may appear on an Omron Blood Pressure Monitor if you move your arm while the cuff is inflating, resulting in insufficient inflation. To avoid this error, it’s important to remain still and relaxed during the test.

What is OMRON Platinum Error E3?

To prevent an E3 error code from appearing on an Omron Blood Pressure Monitor, ensure that the cuff pressure is kept below 299 millimeters of mercury while manually inflating.

What is OMRON Platinum Error E4?

This error occur when during the test your hand moves. In that case the sensor won’t be able to catch vein signals.

What is OMRON Platinum Error E5?

To avoid an E5 error on an Omron Blood Pressure Monitor, make sure to remove any thick clothing before taking a reading. Additionally, ensure that the orientation of the cuff is correct and that it’s placed on a bare arm.

How To Fix OMRON Platinum Error E4, E1, E2, E3, or E5

If you are still dealin with error while check your blood pressure then apply the below fixes.

1. Re-run the Test

You can take another reading if you are not sure whether the inaccuracy is due to your blood pressure monitor. You can use a other arm to take the measurement.

2. Try To Stay Still

Your blood pressure monitor can sometimes malfunction if you move your arm while running test. When this occurs, it is advised that you attempt to stay motionless for a while to avoid having your arm begin sweating once again and to avoid making further errors.

3. Don’t Talk

With staying still it is also necessary that you remain silent, and do not talk because when you talk, inner vibration and movement take place that can cause the Error code ‘E4’.

4. Avoid Touching the Cuff

It is advised that you avoid touching the cuff. Otherwise you will see inaccurate results or OMRON Platinum error E4.

Avoid Touching the Cuff to fix the error E4

4. Change the Batteries

You can try changing the batteries if your device isn’t experiencing any other problems because sometimes weak batteries can be the cause of the error as they are unable to provide enough charge to function effectively. If doing so doesn’t resolve the problem then try next.

5. Adjust the Position of your Cuffs

If none of the aforementioned methods have worked for you after trying them, you might try adjusting the position of your cuff. There is less risk of inaccuracies in your blood pressure monitor when your arm is properly positioned. So make sure you positioned the arm and arm cuff correctly as per the following instructions.

  • Put your feet firmly on the ground and lay your arm such that it is straight to your heart on a tabletop. Lean back on the chair’s backrest.
  • With your palm facing up, extend your arm. One inch above the bend of your elbow, place the cuff on your exposed upper arm.
  • To ensure that the sensor is appropriately positioned, make sure the tubing crosses over the middle of your front arm.
  • Make sure the cuff is equally tight around your arm by pulling the end of it.
  • You should position it such that just two fingertips may fit beneath the top border of the sleeve. Make sure the inflating cuff doesn’t prick your skin.

6. Contact Support

The last option is to contact Omron customer service for more assistance if none of the above-mentioned fixes work for you.