Fixed: Openais API is Not Available in Your Country

Get Openai API access in a non-supported country.

Openai is a resourceful place for developers but for many users it is inaccessible. To access is services you need to sign in using a legit number and email.

However, there are those who keep complaining that even after entering legit credentials they are seeing messages that Openais API is Not Available in Your Country.

There is a large list of Openais API supported countries you can check if your country is in there. Still many users want to bypass Openais API is not available in your country message.

If you are also one of them then here we have mentioned ways to bypass country check messages in Openai API.

How To Bypass OpenAI API is Not Available in Your Country Error Message

When you encounter OpenAI API is not available message then you won’t be able to use the ChatGPT, DALL·E 2, or Whisper.

So follow these methods.

Tip – If you had access earlier but not now then use the same credentials by opening incognito/Private Window of browser.

Method 1. Use a Reliable VPN

In most cases, if you can’t use Openai API from your country, it means that the website is restricted in your area.

Download a VPN and set it to USA or France server or that country where it’s easily accessible. We suggest you use Express VPN or Nord VPN as these are the most trustable tools for this purpose.

Before using VPN make sure that you have deleted cookies saved for openai. Then log back into your account using a valid Non-VoIP phone number to your account.

Method 2. Download PingMe Second Phone Number

If you still can’t access OpenAI API after using VPN then give a try to this android app.

As Openai requires a valid phone number so download PingMe Second Phone Number on your mobile. This app lets you create a virtual number that you can use to bypass Openai API SMS verification.

Some might say that this site rejects virtual numbers but rest assured you can access this site. You also need to spend $1 dollar to recharge your balance.

Method 2. Clear Cache and other Browser Data

Now there are those who are in the list of supported countries, and yet Openai API says it’s not available. If that is the case with you then clear your cache and other browser data. Now open the site.

Method 3. Use your Friend’s Number

If you have a family or friend that is living in a country where openai API is accessible then use his/her number. Before that activate VPN then enter a number. A message will be sent to that number with the code.

Use that code to get access.

Method 4. Use Gmail Instead

The Openai API gives you the option to use Gmail to sign in. If you see this option choose this one.

Best Alternative: Use third-party AI content applications

If the problem is still there and you keep seeing Openais API is not available in your country then you can opt for alternatives.

You can use or CohereAI, GooseAI, NLPCloud, HugingFace, GPT-Nexo-X-20B, AI21-Labs, etc. Most of them are paid and are in the beta phase.