Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to buy Bottle Caps and what are their Uses Hyper Training.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet allow players to gather different materials and items. That you can sell them and trade them. Some specific items are very important to collect because they are the must-need for the Pokémon upgrade. You can trade them within the NPC for the upgrades.

In this guide, we will discuss how to buy bottle caps and what are their uses.

Bottle Caps:

These are the materials that you can get in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. You can buy these from the Delibird Present Shop in the Massagoza. 

Why we Need Bottle Caps:

We need Bottle Caps to create a perfect Pokémon. There are two ways to create a perfect Pokémon the perfect buddy.

Get Bottle Caps through Breeding

The first one is through breeding making your Pokémon go at it with each other at the family picnic while everyone’s watching until they plop out an egg. Through the long and difficult process, you can create a little one that is pretty much perfect. Perfect EVs the correct nature the correct ability all of it.

pokemon breeding

Get Bottle Caps through Hyper Training:

The second one is Hyper Training. The big difference here is that hyper Training lets you do this with the Pokémon that you already have. The ones you already have formed some sort of connection with and you have already named gotten used to. Through hyper training, you can change your existing Pokémon base EVs to their nature their ability, and even their Terror type which is an incredible amount of customization. All of these things are simply done with the items that you can get along your journey. Let’s talk about some stats about what EVs are. These are your stats and ability to grow them every time when you level up. Pokémon has six distinct stats and each has a different EV. The higher your EV the higher your stat is.  

hyper training

How to buy Bottle Caps:

You need to go to the Delibird Present Shop in Massagoza. Enter the shop and select the battle items and then buy the Bottle. Each Bottle Cap will cost you 20,000.


How to do Hyper Training:

After getting the bottle caps just head toward the town of Montenevera and just slightly north of the Poke Center you will see an NPC with sunglasses. Talk to them and you can trade these bottle caps in for your stats changes.

Bottle caps trading

This is how you can find Bottle Caps and Hyper trains. I hope this guide will help y

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