PokΓ©mon Scarlet and Violet: How to Change Appearance

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet allow you do multiple stuff in the game. Which include finding Pokemon, Gathering Materials and Resources, and also allowing you to change the appearance of your character. It’s an amazing feature added by the developer in the game. So if you are playing the game for hours the same color Appearance will make you irritated. So it gives the best chance to modify and make your character look dashing.

In this guide, we will discuss how to change the appearance of your character.Β 

Customizing the Character (Location):

There are some locations where you will find multiple clothing shops and barber shops. Where you can go and customize your character. But the main one is Mesagoza.

Mesagoza location

The next place where you can buy a variety of clothes is Cascarrafa (North) and another one is Levincia. These are some towns where you will see a lot of shapes and varieties.

Change Appearance Anywhere:

You can change the outfit of your character anywhere you don’t need to visit any specific shop. You just need to hit the left D-Pad control on your controller. That will bring up the option of all the clothes you have.


There are minor changes in the uniform of the four seasons. Except that these are the things that you can change. The things discussed below are the uniform appearance. You can also change your face by changing color, eyes eyebrows, and many more. You can change your appearance anywhere but first, you have to buy them from different shops. Then from your inventory you can change the appearance.

  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Gloves
  • Bag
  • Hat
  • Glasses
  • Rotom cases

A drawback of Clothing:

The one drawback with this game is the tops. You are not going to able to change your tops. Maybe they will allow changing your shirts in the future through updates or DLC. But right now you won’t be able to do it. The reason is the school rules. You can’t go around the region without your school uniform. Other than that you still got plenty of options to change your appearance.

Barber Shop:

The one shop you have to look for is the Barber Shop. They are in a few locations around the region. It will cost around 3000 Poky Dollars to change your hairstyle. But you do have a lot of hair options. You will get two options. Just get inside the shop and choose the style and design of your choice.

  • Hair Style
  • Hair Color
Hair Styling

This is how you can change the appearance of your character. We hope this guide will help you.

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