PokΓ©mon Scarlet and Violet: How to find all the Berries for Resetting

In PokΓ©mon Scarlet and Violet players have to find many items. Every item and material has its own utilization. They are all used for upgrading and keeping your stats higher. They are all located in different places in the region. You have to find them in order to utilize them.

In this guide, we will discuss How to find all the berries.


Barries are one of the most useful items in the game from needing to give them to your PokΓ©mon to hold for VGC victories or to EV training Removing EVs from your PokΓ©mon by using certain berries.

Location for Barries:

This is going to require you have access to area zero which is situated near the Zapapico to the west. You will be able to do this at any point of the game when you have access to that area.

Zero gate

You can also find the berries in these areas.

  • West Province (Area Three) Medali
  • East Province (Area Two) outside Levincia

How to Find Berries:

Travel to Area Zero and you actually have to go to the Pond area. There you will see multiple glint items spawn there. They are all berries you will also be able to respawn them. Enter into area zero and select Research station 1. From the station, you will be able to make your way to the pond area. When you exit the room just go straight forward and climb the rocky path. Then you need to go to the Waterfall area and climb the waterfall. After climbing the waterfall you will see the pond area where you will able to get the berries. This is also the place of the rarest Paradox form. When you arrive first sometimes it happens you won’t see any glint items.

Sitrus Berries

So what you need to do is to save your game and restart the game. When you will restart you will see a lot of glint items there. You will be to pick all the berries like and each berry will be used for the different stats.

  • Sitrus Berry
  • Apicot Berry
  • Pitaya Berry
  • Gripa Berry
  • Ganlon Berry
  • Salac Berry

If you just hit the A button at the right time you will be able to pick the items at the right time and you don’t have to wait.

How to reset:

You can also reset the spawn of berries. You just have to change the date in the setting. Forward a day and come back to pick the berries as much as you want.

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