Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to Find and Catch Eevee

As the game launches and the fans are looking for their old Favorite Pokémon. So you can choose the Pokémon of your choice but for that, you have to locate them and find them in Scarlet and Violet. This is one of the Iconic Pokémon and most of the time players want to use this.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find and catch Eevee in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.


Eevee is the player most favorite Pokémon. This is a normal type of Pokémon among its eight which can be evolved after gathering the required items and level to evolve the Eevee. As this is normal so you will able to get the Eevee during your early progress in the game. Which will also make it rare to find the Eevee.

How to Find Eevee:

If you want to find and get the Eevee you need to complete the tutorial until you reach the school place from there you can find the Eevee early.   


If you want to find Eevee early after you can go to the west of the Training place (Cortondo Town) after completing the training. You will find this in between the olive fields (South Province Area Two). You can also find the Eevee in (West Province Area Three).

West Cortondo

You can also fast-travel to that area but you won’t be able to use that as this is earlier in the game. You will get that later while progressing in the game. Most of the things are here in between the level of 11 to 14. This is also the rare spawn if you see the Pokedex.

How to make Eevee Appearance Frequently:

As this is rare seen so we need to make the appearance more so you can catch Eevee easily. Thanks to the game crafting system. We need to craft dishes so we can make the appearance more rapidly. Now you need to craft the Ham Sandwich which will give you the normal counter power.

Ham Sandwich

How to Catch the Eevee:

Now head toward the area doing the search around fields which is the higher region. You will be to see the Eevee near the fence and around. Now you need to fight with the Eevee when you see the Eevee get stunned. Throw the Poke Bomb and grab the Eevee. Don’t make the mistake to kill the Eevee.


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