Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to Find and CatchBonsly

So the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have a lot of Pokémon. They have different stats some are evolving some have power and some are simple. They are situated in different locations and places. Where you have to find them and catch them in order to utilize them. They have their own abilities and stats.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find and Catch Bonsly Pokémon.

Bonsly Pokémon:

Bonsly is an evolving Pokémon which means it can change his appearance by getting the required resource and level to convert him.  Bonsly is a Rock Type of Pokémon which means it can give effective damage to the enemies while fighting. As Bonsly Pokémon dislikes rain which means water is the weakness of this Pokémon so you can use Water Poke Bomb to catch it at a specific location.

Bonsly Habitat

Bonsly Pokémon Location:

As the Pokémon are rarely seen so you can find them situated in different locations. You can find Bonsly in Los Plato’s East which is in the South Province (Area One). This is a high-ground place where you have to search for the Bonsly. You will likely to find Bonsly within the trees as it is his-liked area. You can also find them in (South Prince Area Two).

Bonsly Location

How to make Bonsly appearance more:

As you have seen the Pokémon are rare ones to find. So if you want to make them appear more this game has a crafting system. You can craft the sandwich according to the stats of that specific Pokémon. After crafting go to the specific area it will help you a lot to find them early.

How to Catch Bonsly Pokémon:

Go to the specific location of the Bonsly and try to look around the trees because it is the area where they liked to stay. When you find the Bonsly Pokémon use the water Poke Bomb because Bonsly doesn’t like the rain which means water is their Weakness. You have to use the bomb while they faint to catch them otherwise they can also get killed during the fight.

Bonsly caught

This is how you can find and catch the Bonsly Pokémon. I hope this guide will help you.

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