Pokรฉmon Scarlet and Violet: How to Find the Dusk Stone

Pokรฉmon Scarlet and Violet allow the player to perform many actions. Like Searching for material and resources. These are then later used for increasing and decreasing the stats and also upgrading and creating the things like the machines. The evolution system allows you to Evolve your Pokรฉmon and increase their stats. Which will be very helpful during the battles with the other trainers. For that, you need to get the Evolution stones which will help you to follow the process. As soon as you open the specific areas of the game try to find all the stones which you can utilize later.

In this guide, we will discuss how to find the Dusk Stone in Pokรฉmon Scarlet and Violet.

Dusk Stone:

Dusk Stone is Evolution Item that you have to find to evolve the Pokรฉmon which holds the dark shadow within it. These are situated in different locations in the game. You must have to find these stones as they are the need to progress in the game. Dusk stone is needed for the evolution of these Pokรฉmon.

  • Misdreavus Mismagius
  • Murkrow Honchkrow

Locations for Dust Stone:

These stones are situated in the different locations of the region where you have to go and look around to get the stones. These are the location where you can find the stones. The First One is

Area Zero which is situated in West Province itโ€™s a big circular area between the Rocks and Mountains.

Zero Gate

The Next One is to the West of Montenevera near the Gym which is a snowy place.

Montonevera next to Gym

Also in the

  • West Province Area One
  • West Province Area Three

How to find the Stone:

The first place where you have to look for Dusk Stone is Montenevera where you will find this stone behind the Gym building. The next one is Area Zero which is the biggest resource of all the secret items and materials. Just Enter the area gate and select Research Station 1. Then from there, you have to go to the pond area where you can find the stones.

After exiting from the entrance you will reach the open area. Go to the left side by climbing the stone wall and moving toward the waterfall. Climb up and you will reach the place where you can find all the items. Just collect as much as you want. The next one you go to the western province areas where you can collect the stone. This is the grassy and stone area where you will see a deep downfall place you have to be careful and try not to fall. Just look for the stone and get it.

Dusk Stone

This is how you can find the Dusk Stone. I hope this guide will help you.

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