Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to get The Punching Glove

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you have a lot of things to do which keep the players entertain. You have to find different Pokémon and catch them. You need to find the resources and materials for different items through which you can buffs and support which you can utilize while progressing in-game. These items and unlocks perform a different function which is a must need to progress in-game.

In this guide, we will discuss how to get The Punching Glove in Pokémon.

The Punching Glove:

The punching Bag is a battle item that you have to find. This is the item that can be held by the Pokémon. This is the protective glove that gives a boost to the power of Pokémon punching moves. It also helps you to prevent direct contact with the target. This will help you a lot during the battles with the enemies. It will also help you to boost the stats.

How to get The Punching Gloves:

The Punching Glove cost some amount but you can also get the gloves free in the game. There are two ways through which you can get the glove.

  1. Trainer Method
  2. Delibird Presents Method

1st Method (Defeat Trainers):

This is the free method of getting the glove. You can follow this method in the mid-game where you need to go to the Zapapico (Pokémon Center). You will meet the NPC (Pokémon League Rep). He will assign you a task to defeat the 7 Trainers. There are multiple trainers in Pokémon situated in different locations. You will find these trainers in Area Three in the east of Paldea (Costal City of Levincia). Go there and defeat them. After Defeating them go back to the NPC in Zapapico (Pokémon Center). He will give you The Punching Glove as a Gift.

Pokémon center

2nd Method (Delibird Presents Shop):

This is the second method of getting the glove in which you have to go to the west of Mesagoza City where you will find the Delibird Presents Shop.

Delibird Present shop location

The Punching Glove comes with a cost of 15000 Amulet Coins. So you need to gather the money before buying the glove. After getting the go inside the shop you will show the menu on the right side of your screen. Click on Battle Items you will see a lot of items. At the bottom, you will see Punching Glove select and buy the glove. You can access The Punching Glove through the items in your inventory and later assign the Pokémon.   

Punching Glove price

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