Pokémon Scarlet and Violet – How to Level Up Your Pokemon Fast

 In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you have a huge world to explore where you catch Pokémon and upgrade them and also evolve them. Every Pokemon has its level which determines his power and experience. As you progress in the game you will face many high-level Pokémon you can’t beat a Pokemon which is of a higher level than you. So you need to level up the Pokemon to battle with that Pokemon.

In this guide, we will discuss how to level up your Pokemon Fast in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to Level Up Your Pokemon Fast

If you catch a low-level Pokemon or hatch a new Pokemon from breading. It’s not competitively ready for the battle because of the level. Now leveling up can be difficult if you don’t know have the items and it can be very time-consuming right methods. But you can level up your Pokemon fast and easily with these methods without much effort.

First, you need to pick up some items from Mesagoza in the west area. There are two shops that we are going to go to. You can go to any of the Daily Counters around the region. There are four specific items that you are going to need they are just very close to each other.

Getting Ingredients

When entering the Mesagoza you have to go to the Open circular area from the poke center where you will see the Artisan Bakery and Sure Cans to the right side. First, you need to go to the Sure Cans and buy these items. Get the bunch of pickles from the Sure Cans and then move toward the Artisan Bakery and buy these items Ham Mayonnaise and Mustard. Buy 20 of each item. We are getting these items for making the sandwiches.


Setting up the Picnic

Now the next thing you need to do is to travel to North Province (Area Three). You can walk there early in the game because this area can be easily accessible early in the game. Once you reach there you need to find an open grassy area where you can set up the Picnic for making the right sandwiches which can boost your Pokémon XP.

North Province Location

Making Sandwich Recipes

Set up the picnic by accessing the menu and opening the recipe mod. You will see a bunch of sandwiches there to make. From the menu select the Ham sandwich which is the easy one to make and make sure to put all ingredients on the bun otherwise it will affect the powers that the sandwich is going to make. It will give you the Normal power that what you are looking for.

ham sandwich

Lucky Egg item

The next thing you want to try is the lucky egg item because the lucky egg item is something that you get after you have beaten the fifth gym and visited the sixth gym. You will be given this by Jack he will come in and give you the Lucky Egg Item. You will see the item on your Pokémon in the menu.

lucky egg

Battle with Pokemon

From the point where you have started the picnic and go down to battle with the Chansey. Defeat him in the battle and you will get the 10000 experience for the first time. Now you need to defeat the multiple of these in order to get the XP. Use the auto battle method to defeat. In no time you will be able to take the Pokemon to level 50 or level 100 or to begin the competitive and VGC. Be careful of the other Pokémon during the use of the let-go function. It will take you 20 to 25 minutes to take your Pokémon to level 50.

pokemon battling