Potionomics: Why Upgrading the Shop is Important

In Potionomics, your character will be running her uncle’s shop to repay his debts and to make progress in the game, you’ll have to upgrade the shop because buying new items and upgrading the items will affect greatly your potion prices as well as you’ll be able to make better potions in your cauldrons.

In this guide, we’ll tell you why upgrading the shop is important in Potionomics.

Why Upgrading the Shop is Important Potionomics

Here’s Why Upgrading the Shop is Important

At the start of the game, you’ll meet a character named Saffron that will help you with the expansion of the shop. She’ll help you attract more customers to the shop once you are open.

You can increase the area of the shop but you don’t have to worry about that at the start of the game after completing a few days, you might want to visit saffron and upgrade the shop.

The other character that helps you with the upgrades of your store is Muktuk. Muktuk sells the new shelves which will be very beneficial for you as the prices of the potions will increase when you place the potion on the new shelves for selling.

You’ll get more interest in the potions. Muktuk also sells new Cauldrons which are useful for brewing more stronger potions.

The old cauldron that you start with can only hold a few ingredients which brew normal potions every time but with new and upgraded cauldrons, you can add more ingredients and magimins in the cauldron to make a stronger potion that has more value.

Here's Why Upgrading the Shop is Important

By investing money in your shop, you’ll earn more money with the new opportunities created with new shelves and stronger brews.

You’ll be able to Reel the customers in and close the deal at a very profitable interest rate.

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