How To Prevent MacBook Overheating (7 best Solutions)

Explaining Best Methods to Solve Overheating Problem in MacBook and MacBook pro.

Prevent MacBook overheating as it’s a major problem these days in mac products. When you work on it for a prolonged period it starts showing a sign of overheating.

No doubt, Apple MacBook is the best choice for most people. However, MacBook overheating is still a key issue that most mac users face.

This Mac heat problem gets worse when the MacBook gets older. When the fan spins more and the outer body gets more hot mac user gets frustrated and finds a way to deal with this situation.

Another problem that occurs along with high MacBook temperature is suddenly shutdown. But this mac overheating problem is easily curable So read this post if you want a quick solution.

Prevent MacBook overheating Problem

If your MacBook is overheating then there are seven best solutions to keep your MacBook cool and quiet. To counter MacBook pro overheating you can start with these steps.

1. Avoid Chrome Browser

Many users complain that Chrome overheating MacBook pro. According to Apple, runaway applications in Macbook pro cause, processors to work more. This overwork also affects the heat level on the computer.

MacBook overheating causes an increase in CPU temperature and dissipates that overheat Mac fans kick in. These macs fans help the computer to maintain a normal CPU temperature range.

Fortunately, you can check runaway applications in MacBook with Activity Monitor. Just open the mac activity monitor and then click on the CPU tab.

It will show you which app is consuming more CPU memory. Here you can see that Google Chrome helper and google chrome is always the one that uses more CPU power.

Chromr causing high CPU usage in Macbook

If that’s the case then it’s time to switch over to safari or another mac browser app.

What is Google Chrome Helper?

For those who are wondering about that, what the heck is google chrome helper. For them, it is that kind of helper who always makes things worse.

If you are a mac user and using google chrome then you are likely to counter with it. But Google Chrome Helper isn’t the problem.

It tends to go on the rampage when there’s a rogue extension or when Google Chrome’s plug-in settings are configured to run everything by default.

But once chrome helper goes rouge it consumes CPU memory and provokes deafening screams from your laptop fan.

2. Open Minimum tabs in a Browser

It doesn’t matter which mac browser you use MacBook pro. But what matters is that the more tabs open in the browser, the more system resource it uses.

Which causes MacBook overheating problems because your CPU works more than it should be.

What you need to do is close or bookmark tabs you aren’t using. It reduces the browser’s workload and overheating chances.

If you want to check CPU and memory resources then chrome is a useful tool. To open Chrome’s Task Manager, click the triple-dot button to the right of Chrome’s URL bar, click More Tools, and then Task Manager.

3. Lessen the Load of Multitasking

Most MacBook users have a habit of running multiple apps at the same time. Like iTunes and Photos or some other resource-consuming app.

It only makes your mac computer slow because due to multitasking CPU has to perform more. If you don’t close unused apps immediately it also causes MacBook overheating.

To lessen the load by closing apps you aren’t using instead of leaving them running in the background.

4. Place your MacBook Pro on Flat Surface

The uni-body of the laptop is fantastic but it has a ventilation problem as well. MacBook has vents on its back edge so make sure that its back isn’t blocked.

Otherwise, due to the transfer of less fresh air in mac CPU temperature will increase causing the MacBook to overheat.

So do not place a MacBook on a pillow or blanket but a flat surface like a desk, table, or book. Even if you place it on your lap it will obstruct the air, soon you will feel the heat in your stomach.

One more thing, the MacBook pro must not make contact with direct sunlight. The sunlight makes the mac fans spin more.

Apple also recommends keeping your MacBook in a spot that’s between 50 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit (10-35 degrees Celsius) to avoid MacBook overheating.

5. Monitor Mac Fans Speed

Sometimes MacBook overheating occurs due to faulty cooling fans. You can check whether mac fans causing the problem by running a hardware diagnostic tool.

The apple diagnostics is a built-in tool to check mac fans and many more. To run an Apple hardware test within the MacBook. Remove all external peripherals, then restart.

When the screen turns on hold down the D key to start either diagnostic program. Follow the instruction as shown onscreen to start the diagnostics test.

hardware diagnostic tool to check mac fan speed

The standard test takes only a few minutes to complete and will report any hardware issues. For a more thorough investigation, you can check a box to run an extended test that will take an hour or more to complete.

On the other hand, you can also use the mac fan controller to check fans’ speed. This mac temperature monitor also comes with fan speed settings.

You can also manually increase or decrease mac fans’ speed with this free mac utility. It’s the best resource to avoid MacBook overheating.

6. Clean your Mac

Dust is the enemy of all-electric things and the MacBook is no exception. You should regularly clean dust dirt and debris accumulated under the hood.

Clean mac to prevent overheating

It’s the simplest way to prevent MacBook overheating. For that, you can remove the bottom panel of the MacBook. Then use compressed air to blow away any debris.

During cleaning pay more attention to the cooling fan itself and its vents, along with the entire back edge of your MacBook.

7. Upgrade macOS

Now and then apple releases new versions of macOS. The new version also has apps free upgrades.

So when any MacOS update is released there’s no reason to stay at the current version.

New versions of macOS contain performance enhancements and security improvements to keep your Macbook cool, safe, and running smoothly.

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