Project Playtime: How to Solve the Pillar Puzzle to Get the Toy Part

Get the hell out of there or monsters will eat you.

At the start of the game, you will find yourself on the train and after some time the train will stop at a station. There you need to solve the Pillar Puzzle to get the toy part.

In this guide, we will discuss how to solve the Pillar Puzzle in Project Playtime.

Project Playtime 1: How to Solve Pillar Puzzle

Go inside the station where you will find this pillar on the right side. There are 3 puzzles on the pillar and you need to solve them to finish the toy-making process.

To start a puzzle, press the right mouse click to use one of the hands-on your GrabPack. Now use the left mouse click to start the puzzle on the pillar.

The button will also light up randomly on the puzzle. You need to click the right button by placing the mark on the button.

How to Solve Pillar Puzzle in Project Playtime

Project Playtime Puzzle 2: How to Solve Piano Puzzle

This is the easiest puzzle. Here you need to play a sequence of 5 by pressing the buttons. In the second phase, you have to play the piano notes. The keyboard will remain lit showing which piano notes you need to press. You will play five notes on the piano.

  • First round: Blue
  • Second round: Blue, Yellow
  • Third round: Blue, Yellow, Blue
  • Fourth round: Blue, Yellow, Blue, Blue
  • Fifth round: Blue, Yellow, Blue, Blue, Red
Project Playtime Puzzle 1: How to Solve Piano Puzzle

Project Playtime Puzzle 3: How to Solve Reflexes Puzzle

The next pillar puzzle in project playtime is a Reflex Puzzle. You need to push the light-up button as fast as you can because you have one second for each button.

After you hit the right button the next button will light up and you need to push 10 buttons this way. to push the right button focus on the center of the circle.

Project Playtime Puzzle 2: How to Solve Light pattern Puzzle

After solving all the pillar puzzles you will receive a toy part that you need to deliver. The toy will deposit always nearby the object. Take the toy and follow the green mark to deposit the toy. After depositing the toy close the door. A monster will pass by and you need to save yourself from him. You need to pull down the pipes to hide from the monster.

How to Pull Down the Pipe in Project Playtime

Move forward to pull the pipe down into its place. Place both hands and hold the pipe to pull down. While pulling the handle you will see the monster coming towards you again. Go inside the locker in front of you and hide.

When you get out of the locker the monster on the outside will quickly attack you and grab you. He will throw you to an underground place where you will see two more monsters.

Bill will pull us out of the place. Then revive the third teammate and pull the pipe down. If you place both hands on the pipe it will pull down fastly. After placing the pipe down you need to run from there run through the short path it will slow down the monster. After a little far you will see a switch there you need to put your hand on the switch which will call the train to our location.


Now wait for the train to arrive and enter the train to get out from there.

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