How To Fix PS4 Controllers Not Working on PC Windows 11

It has been seen that Windows 10/11 creates issues with PS4 controllers. We have seen many players complain about this issue. By default, Windows 10 does not support PS4 controllers. But Steam games will support it if you connect through a USB cable.

If your PS4 controllers not working on PC Windows 10/11 then don’t worry. This issue can occur due to simple misconfiguration. The issue can be resolved by reviewing the settings on your controller.

Why are PS4 Controllers Not Working on PC Windows 10/11?

Various reasons can cause the PS4 not to work on PC but the most common reasons that can cause these issues are the PS4 controller getting off or low on battery, the PC having driver issues, Bluetooth signal interference, or the USB cable or port defective

How To Fix PS4 Controllers Start Working on PC Windows 10/11?

Fix 1. Use a different USB cable

If you connect your PS4 controller via USB, you need to make sure that the cable you are using is working fine. If you have a micro USB cable then try using that one too to see if that micro USB cable will fix the problem.

Fix 2. Charge your Wireless PS4 Controller

If you are connecting the controller through Bluetooth, you must check that it’s powered on. If the controller is on but is low on battery, then it will not maintain a Bluetooth connection. So you need to charge your wireless PS4 controller.

Fix 3. Re-Enable Bluetooth Device

When you are facing trouble connecting your PS4 controller to your Windows PC then you just need to turn off and on your computer’s Bluetooth, and then again pair it with your device. You can apply this fix from the Windows Action Centre or Windows Setting menu.

Fix 4. Update Graphics driver

Most of the time PS4 controllers do not work on Windows 11/10 because of outdated or corrupted graphics drivers. To improve gaming performance and fix the offline crashing on startup or while joining the game you need to update the graphics card driver.

Fix 5. Restart Your Console

PS4 controller not working issue can be resolved by restarting the console. Restarting the device can also solve the PS4 controller being connected but not working.

  • Your controller menu is capable of switching through menus. To access the Quick Menu, press and hold the PS Button.
  • To reboot your system, go to the Power option and then Restart PS4.
  • Hold the Power switch on the PS4 console until two beeps are heard if your controller isn’t working.
  • Once it’s turned off, this will completely shut it off. To turn it on, hold the Power button once again.

After a reboot, try using your controller again to see if it helps.

Fix 6. Hard Reset Your Controller

To apply this fix, a small pointed instrument is required, such as a bent paper clip or SIM card ejection tool.

  • Flip your controller over after turning off your PS4
  • By the L2 button, there’s a small hole adjacent to the screw.
  • Press and hold the button within this hole for around five seconds using your tipped tool.
  • Connect the controller to PS4 via USB connection once more to see whether it connects

Fix 7. Replace Your Controller

If none of the fixes work for you and the PS4 controller is still not working on your PC, then it means that there is a problem with the controller itself. Try to connect another PS4 controller and if it works well then you need to repair and replace the first one.