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Fix: PS4 Error CE-43461-8: PS4 Update Error

Fix PS4 Error CE-43461-8 PS4 Update Error
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This PS4 Error CE-43461-8 often appears when downloading the latest software or firmware update.

Unlike other PS4 errors i.e. CE-34788-0, CE-36329-3, CE-32809-2 this error occurs at the end of the updating procedure.

The CE-43461-8 is linked with the internal hard drive of the system. Other causes include corrupt databases, pending updates, or HDD/SSD inconsistency.

How to Fix PS4 Error CE-43461-8 Easily

Apply these fixes as one of them will surely help you solve PS4 error codes.

Fix 1. Delete Pending/Failed Update

The PS4 error CE-43461-8 problem quite commonly occurs due to a glitch with the notification queue.

If there’s any software update pending in the queue due to failure. It will sit there in the download section causing a blockage. All you need is to enter your downloads section and cancel or delete the failed update.

Let the software update and check that the download hasn’t failed again.

Fix 2. Install Software Using Safe Mode

If the above fix didn’t work for you. Then you need to update the software using the Safe Mode. To do this follow the steps below.

Fix 3. Rebuild PS4 Database

If there’s any problem with the PS4 Blue-Ray drive, maybe that’s why you are seeing PS4 Error CE-43461-8. You need to rebuild the database of your PS4.

Fix 4. Install the Pending Firmware Manually

If the pending update doesn’t run automatically then you need to install it manually using the USB device.

Follow the onscreen instruction when the update is installed in PS4 it will restart.

Fix 5. Initialize PS4

If none of the above fixes work for you then you need to perform full initialization on PS4. It will erase all the saved data but it will surely resolve PS4 Error CE-43461-8.

Tip:- Create a backup of all the stored data on the PS4.

Simply boot up the console in safe mode and go to the Initialize PS4 option.

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