How To Recover and Change a Forgotten Hulu Password?

Did you forget your Hulu username and password or Hulu password reset not working? Before you try to contact customer service there is a way to find your Hulu username and password

Forgetting your password for your favorite streaming service is really bad. It’s sad to think that you can’t watch your favorite movies or TV shows just because you can’t remember your password.

If you’re one of the people who forgot your Hulu password, don’t worry, lots of people forget their passwords too! You can get it back easily, so don’t be scared!

How To Recover The Forgotten Hulu Password?

Your Hulu account’s email address is all that is required for recovering a forgotten Hulu password. Once you have that, follow these instructions to change your password.

  • Click Forgot your email or password? on Hulu’s login page. 
  • Your email address will need to be entered in a box on the following page. Ensure that it is the one connected to your Hulu account.
  • Select Send Me a reset link from the menu.
  • To the email address you provided, Hulu will send an email with a link to reset your password. In the email, choose the Reset Password option.
How To Recover The Forgotten Hulu Password
  • From this point, you may make a new password and then submit it. You may now use your new password to access Hulu’s login page.
  • The email should arrive immediately. Check your spam or trash folder if you can’t find it. Additionally, confirm that the email address you provided is the one you use to access the Hulu service.

Note: It might take up to 15 minutes for the Hulu password recovery email to arrive at the specified email address. The recovery email only contains a link that is valid for three hours to reset the password.

If the recovery mail is not received then move on to the next part that is mentioned below.

What To Do If the Recovery Email Is Not Received?

You can get in touch with Hulu support if you entered the email address accurately but you still haven’t gotten the password recovery email from Hulu.

On the support website, you can find their contact information and notify them that you have forgotten your Hulu account password and have been unable to recover it since you haven’t received the password reset email.

The customer service representative will then assist you through the remaining steps.

What To Do If Password Reset Link is Not Working?

Sometimes the link that you have just received in the Hulu password recovery email may not work. You can try out these suggestions to see if they work:

  • Try accessing the URL once more after closing and reopening the browser window.
  • Your browser’s cookies and cache files should be cleared.
  • Use a supported browser now. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari are the top browsers for Hulu.
  • The password recovery process must be repeated in order to obtain a fresh link if the Hulu password reset link still does not work.

What To Do If You Forgot the Email Address Linked To Your Hulu Account?

You still have options if you’re not sure about the email address linked to your Hulu account. You’ll need the credit card you use to pay for Hulu in order to restore the email address.

  • Click Forgot your email or password? on the Hulu site.
  • Click I don’t remember my email address, from the next page.
  • Click Continue after completing the Captcha.
  • You must now provide your birth year as well as your credit card details. Click Continue after that.
What To Do If You Forgot the Email Address Linked With Hulu Account
  • Hulu will provide you with the email address linked to the account if your card is stored there.
  • Return to the first section above and use the email address that was supplied to reset the password there.

How to Change the Hulu Password?

Sometimes you share your password with your friend or they accidentally know your Hulu password. In these circumstances, you can change your Hulu password. To do so the procedure is mentioned below:

How to Change the Hulu Password on a Windows Desktop PC?

  • Go to the Hulu login page and log in to your account
    then pick a profile from the list of account holders.
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the name of the account holder.
    Select Account from the option that displays.
  • After that, choose the Change Password button next to Password.
  • You must first enter your current password before entering your new password in the appropriate section.
  • Simply choose the ‘Log me out of other computers‘ option if you wish to log out of other devices on which you are currently signed in.
Change the Hulu Password on desktop
  • Finally, click the Save Changes button to update your Hulu password.

How to Change the Hulu Password on Android/iPhone?

  • Log in to your Hulu account by opening the app on your phone.
  • Click on any of the names of the account holders.
  • Select the Account option in the lower right corner of the screen once you’re within the Hulu dashboard.
  • Return to the menu that opens and choose Account.
  • After that, tap the Your Account section after scrolling through the available choices.
  • Select the Change Password option after that.
  • Enter your Current Password first, followed by the New Password.
  • Finally, click the Save Changes box to update your Hulu password.

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