Resident Evil 8 Village – How to Find Bronze, Silver & Gold Masks

Resident Evil Village: Shadow of Rose continues the ritual of Puzzles. Rose Winter is on her journey to find the Purifying Crystal. You will have to find three masks for the Statue of Disciples riddle to get Purifying Crystal.

There are three masks to be found in Castle Dumitrescu. You have to find the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Mask to solve the puzzle at the Statue of Disciples.

In this guide, we are going to cover all three mask locations to get the Purifying Crystal.

Bronze Mask Location

The Statue of Disciples is in the main hall of Castle Dumitrescu. You can use cleansing crystal to inspect statues of Disciples. You have to put the masks on the statues which will give you the Purifying Crystal.

Bronze mask in inner courtyard

You can follow these steps to get the Bronze Mask.

  • Go east through the door into the dining room and go north to enter the kitchen.
  • You will find Bolt Cutters in the kitchen and a monster. Fight the Monster and use bolt cutters on the door to get to the inner courtyard.
  • There is a statue in the middle of the courtyard with a Bronze Mask.
  • A mold core is covering the Statue so, you cannot access it. You will have to get Rose’s Power first.

Unlock Rose’s Power

You have to go towards the north from the inner courtyard where a statue with the bronze mask is present. Go Upstairs and go through the door on the right to get into the library. You can continue through the library to the waiting room and next you will get to the studio.

Now, you’ve to go north and there is a narrow passage with a ladder at the end. Climb up the ladder and you will reach a workshop. There is a glass container in the workshop that will unlock the Rose’s Powers. Now, you will be able to destroy the mold cores.

You have to head back to the inner courtyard and destroy the mold core covering the statue. Pick up the Bronze Mask from the statue and you’re good to go.

Silver Mask Location

Now for the Silver Mask, you’ve to head back to the main hall. There is a mold core on the banister in the main hall. Use Rose’s Power to destroy the mold core.

Silver mask in Hall of Abulation Basement

You have to follow these steps in order to get the Silver Mask.

  • Go upstairs and enter the passage to your right.
  • The executioner will appear and will start following you. You have to go south into the dining room.
  • Now, you’ve to go back into the corridor. You have to go to the dressing room to your right. There are two enemies, you’ve to kill them.
  • You will get the one-eyed key from the enemy.
  • You can unlock the door in the southeast courtyard. Go up the stairs in the courtyard.
  • You will reach the Hall of Ablution, you’ve to solve the busts of despair puzzle there to unlock the basement.
  • You have to go down to the basement, there are some enemies. Kill the enemies and at the end of the room, you will find the Silver mask on a Statue.

Gold Mask Location

Finally, for the last Gold mask, you will have to solve the Predation Gallery Puzzle. Solving the puzzle will give you the Trinocular key.

Gold mask in Concert hall north of inner courtyard

You’ve to follow the steps to get the Gold Mask.

  • You’ve to go to the north of the inner courtyard where you find the bronze key.
  • Go to the concert hall north of the inner courtyard.
  • Use Rose’s power and destroy the mold cores in the concert hall.
  • You’ve to go left in the Concert hall and you will find the Gold Mask on a statue.

Now, you’ve to get back to the Statue of Disciples and place the bronze, silver, and gold masks. This will give you the Purifying Crystal.


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