Resident Evil 8 Village – How to solve the Doll Puzzle in Beneviento House

As all the Resident Evil fans know about the Horrors of Beneviento House. In Shadow of Rose, Rose takes us back to the haunted house. There are different puzzles to be solved in the house.

First, puzzle is the Mr. Monkey Puzzle from which you will get the Relief of a Child. After, you’ve solved the Mr. Monkey Puzzle, there will be a black out. When the light comes back, Rose will be in a new room.

You will have to find four dolls and place them in their poses to solve the Doll Puzzle. There is a table with a doll crucified where you will place the dolls.

Locations for all Dolls

There are a total of 4 Dolls you will have to find in order to solve the puzzle.

Doll no. 1 – Lucy

first doll lucy in the warehouse

You will find the first doll in the Workshop room, where the Puzzle is present. Take a left and you will find a table. You have to get to the table and you will find the first doll. It’s called Lucy, it will be written with red on the doll. You can check the doll in your inventory. There are different Pose for the dolls and you’ve to put them in the right arrangement.

Doll no. 2 – Catherine

Now, you’ve to get out of the main door and leave the workshop. You will make your towards the hallway. Cross the hallway and it will turn to the right and on the end of the hallway there is a room to your left.

Catherine second doll from the Mother's room

You will reach the Mother’s Room. You’ve to use the Relief of the Child you found in the start on the Mother’s Room door. Enter the Mother’s room and you will reach a table with a Birthday Diorama. Go near the table and you will find another doll called Catherine, you’ve to pick it up.

You have two dolls in your inventory. But one doll is missing from the Birthday Diorama.

Doll no. 3 – Mime

After, you’ve found the Catherine you’ve to go back to the Workshop where the main puzzle is present. There is another room inside next to the table where you found the First Doll. Get inside and you will find another table with Toilet Diorama.

How to solve the Toilet Diorama

In the Toilet Diorama there are two missing dolls. The places are named with the doll names. First is Lucy and the other is Catherine. You’ve to place both the dolls from your inventory on their name.

Toilet Diorama

This will solve the Toilet Diorama and the drawer will open from the table. You will get a red key. This is Jimmy’s Room key. Now, you’ve to go to Jimmy’s Room.

How to get Doll no. 3 Mimi

Go to the main area of Workshop, There is a hallway left to the main door. You’ve to go through there and you will reach the Jimmy’s room. Use the key to unlock the room.

Jimmy's Room

You will enter a tunnel, follow the tunnel and you will reach a room with a well in the middle. There will be a mold core there which will stop you from getting in the well.

You’ve to destroy the mold core by using the Rose’s Powers. There is a ladder that will take you down the well. You will find the third Doll mimi from the well.

Doll no. 4 – Black-haired Doll

For the last doll, you have to solve the Birthday Diorama in the Mother’s Room. Now, you’ve to get out of the well and get back to the warehouse. Get out of the main door and go to the Mother’s room left of the hallway.

Birthday Diorama dolls

You’ve to place the three dolls in the correct places to solve the Birthday Diorama. Here is the correct order of the dolls.

  • Place Lucy on the Ladder with the fishing rod.
  • Catherine to the right as she is pointing towards Mimi.
  • Place Mimi on the Gift

After, you’ve placed all three dolls in the correct order the table drawer will unlock and you will get the Black-haired doll.

How to solve the Doll Puzzle

Now, you’ve to pick up all the dolls from the Birthday Diorama. Go back to the Warehouse with the crucified Doll table. This is the Campfire Diorama.

Campfire Diorama Dolls to get Breaker box key

Here is the correct positions of dolls to solve the Campfire Diorama.

  • You’ve to place Lucy on the spot labeled for Lucy.
  • Place Catherine on the spot next to the Lucy.
  • You’ve to place Mimi in the forest across from Catherine
  • Place the Black-haired doll in the right corner from Lucy

After, you’ve placed the Doll Crucified above Campfire will be lighted on the Fire. You will get Breaker Box key from solving the Doll Puzzle.

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