Rose House Drawer Key Location in Resident Evil 8 Village

Clue! Search the upstairs drawers of a house in a village.

In the spooky world of Resident Evil 8 Village, one important thing you’re looking for is the Rose House Drawer Key. It’s hidden in Ethan’s house, and you need to search through the upstairs drawers to find it. The Rose key is a big deal, and there’s another version called The Rose key

Both keys play a role in the story, especially when you’re trying to find Rose, who’s a central part of the game. As you explore, you might also come across the Resident Evil 8 key and see some notes in Ethan’s handwriting. The Shadow of Rose and its key add a spooky twist to the adventure. And don’t forget about the Resident Evil 8 family photo—it’s a key part of the journey too.

In this guide, we are going to cover how you can find the Rose House Drawer key.

How to Find the Rose House Drawer Key

As soon as Rose enters in the memory of her old House. A letter will be glowing on the side table beside the couch. You’ve to check the letter and you will find it’s a to-do list. Where you will find about the Rose’s hidden present that Ethan had for her in the study.

How to Find the Rose House Drawer Key

Some pictures will be glowing that are filled with Ethan’s memory. You’ve to go to the study, the study is located on the first floor. Go upstairs and take a left through the hallway. At the end of the hallway go into the room to your right.

This is Rose’s Room where she lived with Ethan and Mia. Go to the right in the room next to the big bed. You will make your way into the study.

Clue inside the Laptop in the Study for the Drawer key

After you’ve made your way inside the study you will find Ethan’s laptop just to your left. Examine the laptop and you will find the message with the clue about the drawer key.

Clue inside the Laptop in the Study for the Drawer key

The Drawer key is located behind Ethan’s favorite photo. You’ve to rotate back and there is a photo frame hanging on the right wall above a shelf. You’ve to examine the photo and rotate the photo frame of Rose and you will find the Drawer Key.

Open the Drawer next to Ethan’s Laptop in Study

After, you’ve found the key from the back of the photo frame. You’ve to go to the shelf with drawers next to Ethan’s Laptop. Unlock the Drawer there with the Drawer key.

Ethan's Gift Letter to Rose

You will find a letter for Rose and a cutscene will trigger where Ethan is wishing Rose a Happy Birthday. Rose will be haunted by the dark mold and Eveline will appear and She will trap Rose in the Doll House.