Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose – How to get the Shotgun

Resident Evil Village’s new Expansion Shadows of Rose has very limited weapons compared to the Village. You will only get two weapons throughout the game. The first weapon is a pistol and next, we have a shotgun.

As you progress through the game you will be hoarded by Face Eaters. Evil Duke will send the Face Eaters to kill Rose, you will get the first weapon Pistol from this. The Shotgun, on the other hand, you will have to unlock by using the Trinocular key.

Location for Shotgun

The Shotgun is the only unlockable weapon in the Shadows of Rose. The Shotgun is located behind the bars in Dinning Room. The dining room is left of the Statue of Disciples in the Main Hall.

Map for Dinning Hall to get Shotgun

It’s a big Double Door you’ve to go inside and take a right and you will see the Shotgun. You need the Trinocular Key to unlock it.

How to Get the Shotgun by Using the Trinocular key

You will have to progress through the game in order to get the Shotgun unlocked. We will tell you the exact steps to get the Shotgun. You will make your way to the Castle Dumitrescu in the game and you’ve to solve the Statue of Disciples puzzle, to get the Purifying Crystal.

You will need to find the Trinocular key in order to unlock the Shotgun. First, you will have to solve the puzzles in order to get the Trinocular key. Before the Trinocular key, you will get the Monocular key.

You will get the Monocular key from the Dressing Room. The key is present on the table in the Dressing room. You have to solve the Busts of Despair Puzzle in the Hall of Ablution to get to the Trinocular key. Bust of Despair Puzzle will unlock the Basement as well from which you will get the Silver Mask.

How to Get the Trinocular key

After you’ve solved the Hall of Ablution Puzzle, you’ve to get back to the main hall and go to the Predation Gallery. You have to solve the Predation Gallery Puzzle which will get you the Trinocular key.

Triocular key in Predation Gallery

You’ve to Follow These steps in order to get the Shotgun.

  • Solve the Busts of Despair Puzzle to unlock the Basement.
  • Next, you’ve to solve the Predation Gallery Puzzle.
  • Get the Trinocular key from the Predation Gallery.
  • Go to the Dining Room for Shotgun.
  • Use the Trinocular key and unlock the Shotgun.

NOTE: You can select and use the Shotgun from your inventory. A shotgun is the last weapon you will get in the Shadow of Rose.

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