River City Girl 2: How to Defeat Marian Spellbound Brawler

These final bosses are hard to deal with.

In River City 2 you will visit multiple locations where you have to defeat different bosses. One such boss is the Marian Spellbound Brawler, she is powerful but can be defeated if dealt with wisely.

As you defeat Ken, Blair witch, and Tsuiko in River City Girls you get closer to stopping Sabu the Yakuza criminal overlord.

In this guide, we will discuss how to defeat Marian Spellbound Brawler in River City Girl 2.

How to Defeat Marian Spell Bound Brawler in River City Girls 2 (Boss Fight Guide)

This is a female boss that you need to defeat and this boss also has three HP bars. At the start of the fight, she will use a fist attack for some time and in which she will power up a punch and attack. You can dodge this attack and also hit a combo attack to give her damage.

After depleting HP Marian will power up his body and smash the ground. You can save yourself by jumping before the attack. Marian will swing multiple times in the air and smash the ground for the final time. Now she will power up and do jump through the wall then a heavy smash which will drop multiple stone structures. It will draw a red circle on the area where the structure will drop you can save yourself by staying away from the red circle.

How to Defeat Marian Spell Bound Brawler in River City Girls 2 (Boss Fight Guide)

After depleting the first HP bar the place will be filled with the poison. Stay on the wooden structure and try not to fall on the poison because it will give you a lot of damage. After that, Marian Spell Bound Brawler will through a red drum on you. Stay away from the drums and also jump to hang towards the wall to save yourself.

Marian Spell Bound Brawler poisoned area

After some time the position will go away and she will do a smash attack to destroy those structures. She will come to the ground and do the fist attacks. Try to deplete more HP and she will do some more attacks.

At the end of the Second HP bar the place will fill the poison again and she will throw the drums again. Save yourself from the attack and she will come back to the ground and the poison will go away.

Deal With Marian Spell Bound Brawler Burn-Up Attack

In the third HP bar, she will Charge Up his body and she will quickly run toward you to attack. First, she will go to the left side, and then she will go to the right side. She will do multiple attacks to escape them as you can’t defend them.

When her HP comes to end the place will fill again for the final time. After doing some attacks the fight will be over.

Deal With Marian Spell Bound Brawler Burn-Up Attack

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