River City Girl 2: How to defeat Sabu (criminal overlord) final Boss

Finally, Sabu is here and Misako has to defeat him. Here's how?

Sabu Criminal Overlord is the final boss in River City Girl 2. Sabu has somehow managed to develop a serum that has magnified his power. However, Misako has to defeat him to progress in the game.

In this guide, we have explained how to defeat Sabu Final Boss in River City Girl 2.

How to Defeat Sabu in River City Girl 2

You have to fight wisely as Sabu has different types of attacks, plus you have to deplete his 3 health bars.

First, he will press his body against the floor and quickly fast forward to attack you. He will change his positions multiple times and very quickly. When he quickly moves toward you change your positions and jump to save yourself from the attack. He will also use fist attacks when his body becomes red and you can’t block this attack if you get close to him.

Sabu Laser Attack

He will throw three pillars from above on the red circle area. Take cover behind these pillars as Sabu is going to charge up and shoots a big laser toward you. If you get hit it will give you a lot of damage.

Sabu Laser Attack in River City Girl 2

Best Damage Opportunity

After doing the laser attack he will become exhausted you need to close the distance to give him the damage. This will be your best chance to give him more damage.

He will charge a flame from his right hand and smash the ground which will burst the floor. You can jump to save yourself from this attack. He will also charge a blue flame in that situation you can also give him damage because he will not do anything in this situation except for standing to the right side.

Best Damage Opportunity during fight with Sabu in River City Girl 2


Sabu’s Circle Robot Attack

He will also use the red switches to charge the big circle which will generate the circle balls. These balls will align in a pattern where they will create a laser from the left side.

First, the laser will create from the three balls which will create a connection with each other than the center ones and at last to the right ones. He will also use fist attacks during this situation.

To save yourself from this attack try to change your position by jumping through the wall.

Sabu's Circle Robot Attack in River City Girl 2

Jump and Circle Attack

Sabu also jumps up and smashes his body on the ground causing damage to Misako. He will also charge up from the switches and create a circle which will draw multiple circles and rotates around the area.

This attack will cover the whole area so it’s difficult for you to save yourself from this attack.

Jump and Circle Attack of Sabu in River City Girls 2

Sabu Clone is another power that combines different types of attacks to cause damage.

After depleting his full HP he will stand up again and recharge his one HP cell. This time his attacks will come more rapidly so you need to be careful. After his final HP bar, he will finally be defeated and the game will end.

Defeat Sabu in river City Girls 2

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