River City Girl 2: How to Defeat Tsuiko

Tsuiko Boss Fight is crucial so here is how to win the fight.

You have to fight Tsuiko boss in River City Girl 2 to progress in the game. She (Tsuiko boss) will use different abilities to attack you and you have to defeat her. One of the end-game bosses that Kyoko will get to face is Tsuiko who is an Influencer Extraordinaire

In this guide, we will discuss how to defeat Tsuiko in River City Girl 2.

How to Defeat Tsuiko in River City Girls 2

Tsuiko is a female boss who is a social media influencer. She is a fashion model in the game and you need to defeat her. She will appear in a protective blue shield and a robot attached on top.

At first, she will call two robot drones and they will use the flame laser to attack and move around the area.

You need to stay away from the area. The robot drone will also move in a circular motion.

How to Defeat Tsuiko in River City Girls 2
River City Girls 2 – Tsuiko Boss Fight

Tsuiko Boss Fight Drone Attack – Deplete 1st HP Bar

The Shield Robot has two hands to attack Kyoko. So stay away from the circle to save yourself from the robot’s attack.

Tsuiko will also teleport to different areas when you do some attacks. When she takes coffee from the machine this is a point when you can hit her. At this time, she will stay there and do nothing except from the coffee.

Be careful because when you hit her while taking coffee Tsuiko will throw multiple grenades at you. She will also call multiple drones from the upside and the bottom they will appear in a pattern first from the bottom and then the upper side. Use the space between the drones to save yourself.

Tsuiko Boss Fight Drone Attack

Tsuiko Boss Fight: Robot Girl and Electric Attack – Deplete 2nd HP Bar

After depleting her first HP bar Tsuiko will call two robot girls. Both girls will chase you and shock you by using electricity. When you hit them they will quickly scatter in their body parts and disappear.

Both robots will appear multiple times in the fight. When they will approach just use the combo to give them damage. Do the attacks and deplete her Second HP bar.

Tsuiko Boss Fight: Laser Drones Attack – Last HP Bar

In the third, she will use four laser drones to attack. These drones will cover more areas and rotate around, so stay from those areas to save yourself.

The multiple drones will appear constantly in a pattern. Jump from the space to save. There are four blue spots in that area from where electricity emerges.

Electricity will not appear from all the spots same time. It will appear from the left side and then from the right side. Try to stay away from those spots to save yourself.

robot attack

In the end, all his attacks come more rapidly as she will teleport from multiple places and will use more grenades and attacks. Just try to use combos and hit her when she takes coffee and uses the machine to give her more damage. After Depleting her last bar the fight will over.