River City Girls 2: How To Defeat Witch Of Woods Blaire (Boss Fight)

Blaire got a terrible headache still she can beat you.

Blaire witch has cast spell on Kyoka’s friend named Marian but they broke the spell. Now Kyoka located the Blaire witch of woods to fight her. Witch Of Woods Blaire is one of the underlings of the Yakuza. So in order to stop Sabu you need to defeat Blaire witch.

In this guide, we have explained how to defeat Witch of the Woods Blaire in River City Girl 2.

How To Defeat Witch Of Woods Blaire: Boss Fight Guide

Blaire is a female witch boss in River City Girls 2 who also owns a cat (find cat locations). The place also has two wooden tables and a circular table which she will use later.

First, Blaire Witch will use fist attacks, and then she will power up in the hexagon box to shoot the boxes toward you. When she shoots the boxes don’t stand still because it will give you a lot of damage.

Jump to save yourself from the attack but you can also counter the attack by using the fist attack when the box comes near to you. The box will hit her back and make her fall.

How To Defeat Witch Of Woods Blaire: Boss Fight Guide

Blaire Witch’s Circle Attack

Use some combos to give damage and deplete her HP bar. After that, she will go to the table and summons some magic cards. In this situation, she will shoot her cat which will hit around the corner of the room in a triangle pattern. It will also summons a circle that will shoot the magic lava.

magic lava will be summoned from different locations. Try to swap places when you see the lava summons. This attack will stop after you counter the box and she will be knocked down. She will also summons a witch which will attack you.

Blaire Witch's Circle Attack

Blaire Witch’s Blue Fire Ball Attack

After knocking her she will again go to the table and summons a card that will shoot an electric ball that will chase you and shock you. Along with that, she will summons square boxes which will hit around the room.

You can save yourself by jumping and changing your position. She will use different cards to summon the package. After that, she will summons blue lava balls that will fall in a line you can save yourself by staying away from the attack place.

Blaire Witch's Blue Fire Ball Attack

Blaire Witch’s Zombie Attack

After that, she will create circles from which she will spawn from different places. Blaire Witch will also shoot blue fire from her wand to attack. Deplete her second HP bar and make her summon more attacks. She will shoot multiple electric balls. Then she will summons magic in which multiple fireballs will drop two times.

Blaire Witch will also create pink circles in which she will summons electricity and drop on you. She will also summons zombies they will appear from different places and attack you.  You can’t go to tables to save yourself because lava will appear from the tables. In the end, she will also summons fire from the circles. Which will appear from circle to circle.  

Blaire Witch's Zombie Attack

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