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Fix: Rocket League Not Detecting Controller on Steam

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Does Rocket League not detecting controller on PC using Steam!

Apart from Rocket league keeps crashing or not launching, players are also complaining that Rocket League not detecting controllers while playing on Steam.

If you are also struggling with this problem then rest assured that you aren’t the only one here. The Rocket League not recognizing controller problem is reported on Windows 10/8/7

Luckily, this article has the best troubleshooting tips to fix Rocket League not detecting controller on Steam.

Common Causes Why Rocket League Won’t Recognize Controller

The common causes that lead Rocket League not to identify controllers on steam are:

  • Incorrect configured controller settings particularly steam big picture false setting
  • Controller drivers are not installed properly.
  • Corrupted Steam controller firmware
  • USB Headphones are detected as a controller

How To Fix Rocket League Not Detecting Controller

Apply these fixes in order to solve the controller’s not recognizing in steam.

Fix 1. Adjust Big Picture Settings

Chances are that if you are playing Rocket League in the big picture it will force the controller to turn off. You can solve this problem by accessing Rocket League Steam settings and making sure that Steam Input Per-Game settings are forced Off.

Here’s how;

  • Right-click on the Steam tray icon and choose Big Picture.
  • Click Rocket League > Library > Rocket League > Manage Game > Controller Options (under Steam Input).
  • In Controller Application Options, make sure Steam Input Per-Game Setting is Forced Off and click OK.
  • Now go back to the Big Picture main page and go to Settings > Controller Settings.
  • Uncheck all irrelevant boxes. If you are using Xbox controller, uncheck everything except Guide Button Focuses Steam and Xbox Configuration Support. PS4 DualShock controller users need to check PlayStation Configuration Support and uncheck Xbox Configuration Support.

Once you have configured the settings restart steam and run to check if Rocket League not detecting controllers.

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Fix 2. Reinstall Proper Controller’s Driver

If the Rocket League controller is not recognized in steam then make sure that you have the proper controller’s driver installed on your PC.

Follow these steps to reinstall drivers:

  • Press Window + R, type devmgmt.msc, and press Enter.
  • Within Device Manager scroll down and expand Sound, video and game controllers. Check if PS4 DualShock Controller is present inside.
  • If the PS4 controller is not appearing there then try to unplug controller USB and plug-in different port. Windows 10 will automatically detect controller and install the required driver.

After the controller driver is installed run the rocket league to make sure that controllers are recognized.

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Fix 3. Recover the Steam Controller Firmware

Simply recover the firmware of the controller and fix Rocket League not detecting the controller on Steam.

Here’s how to do that:

  • Open the Stream client and go to Settings appearing in gear icon.
  • Choose Controller and click General Controller Settings.
  • From a new windows choose Recover Steam Controller Firmware, click OK.
  • Follow the instruction and click on the Start button to begin the recovery process.

Restart your computer and see if the issue is fixed.

Fix 4. Force Rocket League to Use Steam Input

Those who are using XBOX one controller on steam to play Rocket League and it’s not recognized. It’s because the game is not configured to use Steam Input.

To fix this issue tweak in-game settings so that Rocket League is forced to use input from Steam. Here’s how to do that:

  • Run the Rocket League in Steam and go to Options > Controls > Use Steam Input.
  • Select the Xbox One Controller and set it to AUTO if it’s OFF.

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Fix 5. Unplug USB Headphones

Gamers who use headphones such as HyperX, these are connected via USB port. Rocket League mistakenly recognize it as a controller, as a result it won’t give permission to your real controller.

To fix this problem first unplug the headphones and plugin the controller before running rocket League. Doing it will detect the controller and headphone in different USB ports.