How To Fix Rocket League Won’t Launch on PC and Steam

Why won't Rocket League start? How can I fix this problem?

Many players have complained that Rocket League won’t launch resultantly they are unable to start the game on Steam or Epic games Launchers.

We know it’s a very frustrating situation for those who love Rocket League. Apart from launching sometimes Rocket League crashes or won’t detect controllers.

Here are the common causes and the best solutions that will help you identify and fix Rocket League won’t launch problem.

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Causes Why Rocket League Won’t Start?

The cause that prevents Rocket League from launching are many but below are the ones that players on different forums suggested.

  • Your PC doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements to run Rocket League.
  • The internal GPU temperature may be fluctuating causing launching errors.
  • Outdated graphics card drivers.
  • Hard Disk Drive error.
  • The game file is corrupted after the update.
  • On Steam game file is not verified.
  • The overlay feature is preventing launch.
  • Compatibility mode issues.
  • Recently installed new hardware-software for PC.
  • Wrongly configured Steam launch options.
  • Remove any Command-Line Arguments on the Epic Launcher

How To Fix rocket League Won’t Launch 2021

These are tested solutions that are discussed on forums and help many players. Just work your way down the list until you ding the right fix.

Fix 1. Run Rocket League As An Administrator

Running the game with administrator access usually solves not launching errors. When you run Rocket League without an administrator system put certain restrictions causing errors.

  • Navigate to the game installation folder and right-click on Rocket League Launcher.exe.
  • Select Properties > Compatibility Tab > Check Run as Administrator > Apply > OK.

If you are playing games on Steam follow these steps;

  • Open Steam, right-click on the game > Properties > Local Files > Browse local files.
    Locate Rocket League Launcher.exe right click on it to open Properties.
    Click the Compatibility tab and check Run as Administrator.
  • Click Apply and press OK.

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Fix 2. Verify Game Giles Integrity on Steam

If you are playing Rocket League on Steam and it won’t launch then check game file integrity. Steam will check and repair any missing or corrupted files helping you fix Rocket League won’t launch the problem. Here’s how

  • Open the Steam client and click on the LIBRARY tab.
  • Right-click on Rocket League and select Properties.
  • Click the Local Files tab, then click Verify Integrity of Game Cache.
  • After that, click Close now try to launch Rocket League.

Fix 3. Rename your Rocket League Folder

Many users fixed the won’t launch problem on PC when they changed the name of the game folder. Here’s how;

  • Open File Explorer (Windows + E) and go to Documents.
  • Open My Games folder.
  • Find your Rocket League file and rename it to Rocket League Old.
  • Launch Rocket League. It will create a new one and launch normally.

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Fix 4. Delete d3d9.dll file

Sometimes wrong DLL files such as d3d9.dll prevent games from launching. Because it is not relevant for the game to work properly you need to locate it and delete it from the game directory. Here’s how;

  • Open the Rocket League game folder.
  • Open Binaries > Win 32 and locate d3d9.dll here.
  • Right-click on d3d9.dll and click Delete.
  • Now try to run Rocket League to check if it launches smoothly.

Fix 5. Update your Graphics Card Driver, Steam, and Windows OS

The Rocket League not launching problem occur when you have an outdated GPU driver. If you have NVIDIA or AMD GPU visit their official site enter the GPU model and download the latest version of drivers.

Alternatively, download Driver Easy or IObit Driver Booster to instantly download the outdated system’s hardware drivers.

Also, update the Steam client and Windows OS to their latest version.

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Fix 6. Launch Rocket League in Compatibility Mode

The Rocket League not launching problem may be associated with the system’s incompatibility. If you run Rocket League Launcher in compatibility mode the problem will resolve.

  • Open the game folder where you have installed it on your PC.
  • Find RocketLeagueLauncher.exe and right-click on it to open Properties.
  • Click on the Compatibility tab, and check the box Run this program in compatibility mode for.
  • From the drop-down menu choose the Windows OS.
  • Click OK and launch Rocket League to check if it running properly.

Fix 7. Disable Overlay Feature

Again this fix is only for steam users. If you are using any steam overly feature then it will be best if you disable all overlay features.

  • Run the Steam client and from the upper left corner click on the Steam button to open Settings.
  • Here choose the In-Game tab from the left side, and uncheck these boxes to disable the Overlay options.
  • Click OK and launch Rocket League to check if the problem is fixed.

If you are running overlay features of third-party software such as MSI Afterburner disable it as well.

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Fix 8. Delete Rocket League Cache on PC

When the game cache gets corrupt you will encounter the game won’t launch error. Here’s how

  • Press Windows + E to open File Explorer and find the My Games folder.
  • Open the Rocket League folder.
  • Double click TAGame.
  • Right-click on Cache and select Delete.

Now Launch the game.

Fix 9. Exclude the Game Directory From the Antivirus

Sometimes antivirus software mistakenly considers the game as a virus threat and prevents it from launching on a PC.

If you have installed Avast antivirus or something similar then try to exclude it by creating an exception list.

Fix 10. Reinstall the Game

The last resort is to delete the Rocket League game completely from your PC and after clearing shortcuts, AppData. Reinstall it again from their official site.

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