All Shadowrun Hong Kong Cheats & Console Commands 2024

Listing all cheats, console commands, and achievements to unlock.

Do you want to enhance your gameplay using cheats and console commands in Shadowrun Hong Kong? From God Mode, Max Stats, Infinite Money, and Movement Speed to unlimited money you can get access to all powerful resources.

Although, you can find plenty of cheat engines and Debug Mode for Xbox. These tools can be used to modify the game and gain advantages. However, PC players can access Shadowrun Hong Kong Cheats cheat & console commands.

If you are also searching for Shadowrun Hong Kong Cheats & Console commands then look no further here we have mentioned all the cheats with the method on how to use them.

How to enable Cheats in Shadowrun Hong Kong?

Before you can use console commands you need t enable the cheats using the Debug mod. Follow these steps:

  1. Enable Debug Mode: Press Ctrl + F1
  2. Open the Console: Press Alt + F1
  3. Click on the Cheats
  4. Enter any of the provided cheats

All Shadowrun Hong Kong Cheats & Console Commands

These are all the available cheats

  • God = God Mode
  • +AP = Additional action points
  • +HP = Additional health
  • -AP = Fewer action points
  • -HP = Less health
  • +2k = Add +2 karma points
  • warp = Unknown
  • clr = Modify character skin tone
  •  = Add 500 currency
  •  = Subtract 500 currency
  • mov(percentage) = Increase or decrease your running speed by the amount specified, outside of combat
  • all(percentage) = Increase or decrease movement speed for everything in the game by the amount specified
  • suicide = Commit suicide
  • toggleNeverMiss = Every action has a 100% hit chance.
  • slaughter [number] = Kill all enemies in a specified radius
  • deathray = Kill all visible enemies
  • stunray = Stun all visible enemies
  • endturn = End team’s turn
  • addKarma [number] = Gain indicated karma to the current player


Use the indicated passcodes at the listed locations:

Walled City
Smuggler’s Den5465
Strangler Bao6378
Repulse Bay Hotel
Penthouse apartment #2, Neville Ma1635
Emperor’s Museum
System passwordTennyson
Misdirection – Ares mission
Taylor’s door98144
Hardingham’s door23847
Bad Qi
The Extraction
Locked Emporium door00006
Mistress’s front door112798
Prosperity Tower
Floor B3 uniform locker2627
Floor B3 first aid station4990
Special Projects communications data storeScion
Special Projects device operationsProdigal
Floor 49 containment door1915
Equipment room8974
Floor 12 access code, part 144526
Floor 12 access code, part 225301

List of All Steam Achievements To Unlock

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

  1. (Don’t) Conserve Ammo: Kill 15 enemies using a full-auto rifle or minigun.
  2. A Pirate’s Life for Me: Live out your days on the Benteng.
  3. Bagged and Tagged: Zip-tie 3 enemies with Duncan’s Subdue ability.
  4. Behind the Curtain: Listen to all developer commentary.
  5. Boom: Hit four or more enemies with an area-of-effect attack.
  6. Built for the Streets: Have every cyber ware slot filled by an enhancement.
  7. By the Book?: Kill Gaichu in the Whampoa Gardens.
  8. Calling the Shots: Use the Mark Target Ability on 10 enemies.
  9. Charmed Life: Complete Shadows of Hong Kong after taking Qian Ya’s deal in the main campaign.
  10. Chunky Salsa: Kill 5 enemies with grenades.
  11. Clear!: Stun 5 enemies with the Shock Glove or Shock Hand.
  12. Come Forth: Summon 5 spirits from places in the environment.
  13. Description: Crawled.
  14. Full Circle: Help Kindly relocate the Yellow Lotus to the Redmond Barrens.
  15. God Puncher: Punch the final boss.
  16. Good Fortune: Coerce Qian Ya into leaving this plane of existence.
  17. Heavy Metal: Gain control of a Spider Tank.
  18. Home Again: Regain your SIN and return to Seattle.
  19. Hot Potato: Throwback three grenades with the Shiawase Loader Arm.
  20. I Don’t Get Paid Enough for This: Get the last of the Tsang guards to let you pass after rescuing Raymond from Prosperity Tower.
  21. I Don’t Have a Problem: Use 5 “combat stims.”.
  22. I Feel Great!: Heal more than 30 damage in a single cast of Heal Wound.
  23. It’s Just One City: Make a deal with Qian Ya, the Queen With a Thousand Teeth.
  24. It’s Called Being Thorough: Blow up all the police vehicles in the motor pool.
  25. Just a Pawn: Spared the Plastic-Faced Man.
  26. Just in Case: Get all pips while hacking a Blocker IC.
  27. Law Breaker: Run Maximum Law out of town or kill him.
  28. Lessons Learned: Complete Gobbet’s storyline.
  29. Like a Powder Keg: Blow up a police vehicle in the motor pool.
  30. Little Helpers: Use drones to kill 15 enemies.
  31. Making Amends: Watch Raymond Black sacrifice himself to shut down the Fortune Engine.
  32. Memory Lane: Complete Is0bel’s storyline.
  33. Monster Squad: Have Gaichu and Ku Feng on your team during the final mission.
  34. More Bullets, More Effective: Use Spray & Pray to hit more than two enemies with an SMG.
  35. No Loose Ends: Leave Qiu to die.
  36. No Mercy: Killed the Plastic-Faced Man.
  37. No Stone Unturned: Hit all data stores and the core system nodes in Prosperity Tower.
  38. Patient Zero: Steal a sample of the SARS III.
  39. Pays For Itself: Skip 10 reloads with the Auto-Loader Cyber-Arm.
  40. Pinball Wizard: Hit three or more enemies with a bouncing magic spell.
  41. Posthuman: Complete Racter’s storyline.
  42. Punching Deck: Steal pay data from a high-security system.
  43. Pyrrhic Victory: Coerce Qian Ya into leaving this plane of existence, taking Raymond Black with her.
  44. Rats! Rats! Rats!: Play Ratparty.sim.
  45. Ronin: Get Gaichu to join your crew.
  46. Screw the Job: Kill one of Strangler Bao’s Yellow Lotus in the Walled City.
  47. Seven Times a Ronin: Complete Gaichu’s storyline.
  48. Shoot Straight: Successfully attack an enemy with a chance of less than 30% to hit.
  49. Street Justice: Killed the HKPF patrol to save the civilians.
  50. Tastes Like Chicken: Drink some of the blood in Exit Stage Left, and eat some human flesh in Grendel.
  51. The Promised Land: Gain access to the Police Station roof.
  52. They’re Not Worth It: Complete “City of Darkness” without any Yellow Lotus dying.
  53. Together Again: Regain your SIN and return to Raymond in Seattle.
  54. Wait For It…: Kill an enemy with damage over time.
  55. Walking Weapon: Kill 10 enemies with Cyber-Weapons.
  56. Welcome to the Shadows: Die on the first mission.
  57. Welcome to the Sixth World: Kill 20 enemies with magic spells.
  58. We’re Both Professionals: Talk Krait into standing down.
  59. Wouldn’t Want to be That Guy: Have an enemy that is bleeding, on fire, and infected.
  60. Wrong Order: Poison The Talon’s food in Shangri-La.
  61. You’re On Your Own, Kid: Don’t side with Fuchi or Yamatetsu at the end of “DETENTION”.