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Fix: Skyrim Keeps Crashing on Startup With Mods

Fix: Skyrim Keeps Crashing on Startup With Mods

So Skyrim keeps crashing on startup whenever you try to launch it.

If you are running Skyrim with mods or updated the Skyrim’s anniversary edition then you are likely to deal with sudden crashing.

The cause that led towards Skyrim keeps crashing issues are:

Apart from Skyrim crashing issue users are also dealing with infinite loading screen or launching problems.

If you can’t find the solution to fix Skyrim keeps crashing problem then apply the fixes mentioned below.

in Windows 11, 10 and 7

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How To Fix Skyrim Keeps Crashing on Startup

Fix 1. Disable/Uninstall Mods

Skyrim players download mods that alter the game file or reimplement the files but in return give more graphical features.

If you are running multiple mods then they will bug the main game file resulting in Skyrim keeps crashing error. To fix this issue you need to disable all the mods and then run the game.

Fix 2. Install The Latest Patch

If you are running moded Skyrim edition then you need to check if it is the updated version. Developers regularly release the latest patch to fix any bug-related issue.

Once in a while visit the official site and check for Skyrim Special Edition latest patch. If it is there, then download and install it on your PC.

Fix 3. Allow Skyrim Special Edition to Utilize More Memory

The original Skyrim edition can’t utilize more than 4GB of RAM. Due to the memory limit sometimes the game crashes but you can fix it by downloading the Skyrim Special edition.

Alternatively, users can access the SKSE.ini file which is a Skyrim Script Extender’s .ini file to improve Skyrim’s memory allocation to prevent certain crashes from occurring.

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Fix 4. Reshape the Mods Load Order

In case you are running moded Skyrim and you don’t want to disable mod then you need to organize their load order.

The Skyrim.esm file should always come first, followed by Update.esm, Dawnguard.esm, HearthFires.esm, and finally Dragonborn.esm.

If the load order is messed up then you will face sudden Skyrim crashing issues.

Fix 5. Delete Autosave Files & Use Manual Save

The Skyrim’s autosave and quicksaves are highly unstable. Each time you autosaves game programs the save files get corrupted. To fix Skyrim keeps crashing on startup you need to delete all the auto-saved files.

To fix the crashing issue you should always save the game manually. Here’s how to do that:

Once done, you are good to play and Skyrim Keeps Crashing will not happen

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Fix 6. Repair Corrupt Game Files

Whether you are running Skyrim with or without mods there are still chances that game files get corrupted. If you are playing Skyrim on Steam then try to check the integrity of the game file.

During this process, steam will scan the possibility of corrupted files and will repair them.

Fix 7. Lower the Graphics Settings

If you are dealing with Skyrim keeps crashing issues on PC then it’s because you are playing it with high graphics settings. Some PC can’t handle the high texture and graphics details like the shadow.

To fix the crashing problem try to lower the graphics settings, here’s how to do it:

Now try to run the game to get rid of Skyrim Keeps Crashing no mods.

Fix 8. Turn OFF ffdshow Audio Decoder

Users on the forum confirmed that Skyrim crashing on mods issue arise because they have activated the ffdshow audio decoder. Once you disable it you can fix crashing problems.

Now check if the Skyrim crashing issue has been resolved or not.

Fix 9. Change the Sound Quality to 24-Bit

There is a chance that sound quality is the main issue which is why Skyrim is crashing on Startup. Here’s how to fix it:

Fix 10. Skyrim’s Using The Wrong GPU

If you are playing Skyrim on a PC that has multiple GPUs within it. Then there are chances that Skyrim might choose the wrong GPU.

To fix this issue you can head towards the Graphics control panel and force the game to use your PC’s powerful GPU.

Then head over to Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini files and find your GPU. If it’s not there then type in your new GPU name.

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