How To Fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor Achievements Not Working, Supported, Unlocking

There is a hype among Jadi Survivors players about not being able to unlock Achievements. The problem seems to occur across multiple platforms i.e. Steam, Xbox, PC, and PS5. Even though players have completed the required objectives they are stuck at Star Wars Jedi Survivor achievements, not working problem.

The cause is still unknown, but as per the discussion and experience, we can conclude that there is a bug or glitch in the game’s programming. Its achievement tracking system is not optimally built hence it prevents the game from recognizing when players have completed the required objectives. Another cause that might be causing this issue is the incompatibility between the game and different hardware configurations.

Until the developer addresses this issue here we have troubleshooting tips to fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor achievements not working, unlocking, or not supported on the list.

How To Fix Star Wars Jedi Survivor Achievements Not Working or Unlocking

There are several possible solutions to fix the achievement problem in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, depending on the platform used.

Restart The Game & Console

Some players have suggested restarting the game or the system to see if that fixes the problem.

Reload the saved file

If you’re having trouble unlocking an achievement in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, one thing you can try is to reload the most recent saved game file.

Sometimes the game doesn’t realize you’ve done what you needed to do to get the achievement, and reloading the file might make it work. Just go to the pause menu and choose “Load Game” and then select the most recent saved file.

Verify the Integrity of Game files

Another recommendation is to verify the game files as this fixes the corrupt or missing game files. You can also try reinstalling the game to ensure all necessary files are present and up to date.

Check Internet Connection

Make sure your internet connection is up and running. It’s possible that due to internet instability or disconnectivity the achievements systems are not working.

Complete Objectives Offline

Some players have reported success in unlocking achievements by disconnecting from the internet and completing the objectives offline.

Run the Game in Compatibility Mode

while others have suggested using different hardware configurations or running the game in compatibility mode.