StarCraft 2 Cheats For God Mode, Easter Egg, Quick Healing & More

Searching for StarCraft 2 cheats? Though Starcraft II is just over 10 years old, but people are still playing this game. By entering the cheat codes, you’ll be able to heal yourself quickly, instant victory & can enable God mode.

It’s important to note that using any of the cheats will disable achievements and these cheats can activate only in the single-player campaign.

So. in this article, we’ve compiled a list of StarCraft 2 cheats, including some StartCraft 2 Easter eggs.

How to enable StarCraft 2 cheats?

To enable cheats in StarCraft 2, follow the below steps.

  • Press “Enter“.
  • A speech box will appear.
  • Type any of the cheat codes given below to apply the cheat instantly.

The cheat should take effect immediately, and you can play your game easily.

All Starcraft 2 Cheats List

These StarCraft II cheat codes have been added by the official makers of the game (for single-player only) and will not suspend accounts if used.

Cheat codesCheat effect
WhatIsBestInLifeThis will provide instant victory
LetsJustBugOutAndCallItEvenThis will defeat you immediately
TookTheRedPillThis will deactivate Fog of War
Bunker55AliveInsideThis will deactivate need for supplies like food
TerribleTerribleDamageThis cheat will enable the God Mode
SpectralTiger This will add 5000 Minerals
RealMenDrillDeepThis will add 5000 Gasoline
WhoRunBartertown5000 of each Resource will be added
SoSayWeAll This will enable the use of all Tech
IAmIronManYou will immediately unlock all Upgrades with this
CatFoodForPrawnGunsThis will allow rapid Builds and quick Upgrades
HanShotFirst This will disable Cooldowns on Spells
TyuHasLeftTheGameThis will deactivate victory conditions to enable continued play
NeverGiveUpNeverSurrenderYou will be able to continue playing even after being defeated
ImADoctorNotARoachJim You can heal your unit quickly with this
MoreDotsMoreDotsAll Units and Buildings can be built for free
WhySoSerious Gives 5 Million Credits*
LeaveYourSleepUnlocks all Missions
EyeOfSauronOpens all Cinematics
StayClassyMarSara Grants access to all UNN TV News Broadcasts*
HoradricCubeUnlocks all Research Options
Jaynestown 5000 Terrazine will be added

Note: The cheat codes marked with an asterisk(*) don’t work in Heart of the Swarm.

Easter Egg Cheat

Enable Easter egg cheats in StarCraft 2.

There’s also a StarCraft 2 Easter Egg cheat code which will not disable the achievement rating. It’s OverEngineeredCodPiece and it plays the song Terran Up the Night.

Moreover, Blizzard loves to hide secrets and references in its campaigns. Here are a few:

Unlock the Wings of Liberty secret mission

In Wings of Liberty, during the fiery Devil’s Playground mission head to the bottom right of the map to find Diablo. You can’t kill him or interact with him in any way, but there he is.

In Heart of the Swarm in the Roach Evolution mission after you’ve evolved and are heading towards the next set of enemies, keep an eye on the containment chambers on the top wall of the facility. Diablo’s chilling out in one of those too.

Find Ewoks in Legacy of the Void

In the mission Unsealing the Past, set on Endion, you can find Ewoks all over the place, huddling around campfires and hiding behind trees.

There’s also a Jurassic World reference at this level. There’s an ‘enhanced strain’ blue Zerg monster called Indomilisk Rex, a pastiche of Indominus Rex from the film.

Find the Tauren Marine

In the mission Zero Hour clear out the Zerg infestation in the top left of the map. Move beyond it and you will find a level 80 Tauren marine in power armor. Treasure your brief time with him, because your appearance causes him to run into a nearby toilet and never come out.

In Legacy of the Void, in the Templar’s Charge mission, move your base platform up, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right. The Tauren Marine lands with a nuclear explosion and you can control him as a unit.

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