How To Fix Starfield Fitness Challenge Bug (Not Working or Progressing)

Are you dealing with the Starfield fitness challenge bug where you need to use up all available oxygen 20 times? Players are reporting that even after going from full oxygen O2 to zero oxygen, it doesn’t progress the challenge. Even going from full oxygen to full CO2 (depleting oxygen in the process) doesn’t progress the challenge.

Those having Space traits and serpents embrace are more prone to be stuck in this situation. If you are also dealing with the Starfield fitness challenge issue where it’s not working or progressing then here we have explained solutions.

How to Fix the Starfield Fitness Challenge Bug

Tip – It is easier to complete on planets with low gravity, such as Eden Prime.

1. Deplete your oxygen (O2)

According to Reddit user NarutoKage1469, to make progress count for the challenge, you need to completely deplete your oxygen (O2) and fill up your carbon dioxide (CO2) bar.

You can achieve this by sprinting from one location to another. Additionally, you can simultaneously work on the Weight Lifting challenge during this process. If this method doesn’t work, you can try the workaround below.

2. Spaced Trait Workaround in Starfield

If you have the Spaced Trait, you can try running while in orbit on your ship to increase your health and oxygen values in space, which might help progress the fitness challenge.

However, it’s also worth attempting this workaround even if you don’t have the Spaced Trait to see if it works for you.

3. Pull Heavy Burden & Go To Sleep

Another Reddit user, Vox_Zone, shared a workaround to fix the bugged Fitness Challenge. Follow these steps:

  1. Travel to space and carry a heavy load to deplete your oxygen (O2) faster.
  2. After depleting your O2, start sprinting back into your ship while ensuring you have full O2 and CO2.
  3. Inside your ship, select your bed and immediately go to sleep.
  4. When you wake up, you will have 0% CO2 and O2.
  5. Repeat these steps as needed to rank up in the Fitness Challenge.

This method should help you progress in the Fitness Challenge if it’s not working correctly.

4. Change Armor or Clothing

It’s worth considering that the progress of the challenge might be hindered if you’re wearing specific armor or clothing. Some players have reported that certain armor and clothing items can interfere with the challenge’s advancement.

5. Corrupt Game Save File

A corrupted save file could be the reason behind the Fitness Challenge not working correctly. To troubleshoot this issue, try loading a different save file to see if the problem is resolved.


It’s important to note that your environment matters when following these steps:

  1. If you have the Spaced Trait, perform the steps in space where you have natural access to oxygen (O2).
  2. If you have the Terra Firma Trait, do these steps on a planet to ensure you have the right environment.
  3. If you don’t have either of these traits, you can perform these steps anywhere.

Your environment choice should align with your character’s traits to ensure the process works correctly.